Home Cleaning Checklist To See Yourself Through The Summer

Home Cleaning ChecklistAfter, the seemingly interminable and harsh winter months, the arrival of summer season revitalizes you, making you feel cheerful. Longer hours of sunshine mean you can spend a greater part of your active day outdoors, splashing in the pool and merrymaking with family and friends. However, summertime also offers you the opportunity to complete overdue chores, like spring cleaning of your home.

Make the most of the extra daylight hours for thoroughly sprucing up every nook and cranny in your abode. Roll up your sleeves and get down on your knees and go through the following summer cleaning checklist.

1. Keep microfiber cloth handy for removing food spills

Summer is definitely the best time for tucking into ice-creams, cheeseburgers, banana splits, marzipan and apple tart with caramel sauce, and the like. However, following your bingeing spree, you’re left with dripping sauce and ketchup spills which means you’ve a lot of cleaning to do afterwards. If you postpone cleaning the leftovers, you’ll have a tough time to getting rid of the spills and drips as they’ll harden up with time.
Always keep dry and clean microfiber cloth rags handy in the kitchen drawers or countertop so that you can use these for mopping right after your meals. Also, make it a habit of swabbing the dinner table and the countertop almost immediately after repasts.

2. Keeping the floors spic and span

You witness a steady increase in footfalls every summer as kids romp around in the house and outdoors, enjoying their school holidays to the hilt. On the other hand, you too get busy with summer cleaning, tidying up the rooms as well as tending to your terrace garden. The flurry of activities leads to the floors picking up a lot of grime and dust, making the entire place look dirty and sullied.

All these imply that you’ve to dust and wipe the floors more frequently. Clean floors using a large mop which is attached to a long shaft. A portable vacuum cleaner comes in handy for dusting clean those areas which cannot be accessed normally.

Cleanse the floors at least once in a week. Make sure you place a doormat at the main entrance to minimize chances of dust entering the home via footwear. Also keep a shoe rack at the doorway and ensure that everybody takes their footwear off before stepping inside.

3. Keep the home Laundromat organized

The workload of your washing machine increases during summer as there are more uniforms, towels, and swimsuits in the wash basket. So, you’ve to ensure that you never run of summer cleaning detergents and washing powders. At the same time, go for a retractable clothes drying rack (if you haven’t bought one yet) that will help you in drying up the cleansed clothes quickly.
Clean air conditioners or air coolers either early in the morning or in the evening to minimize possibilities of blackouts and/or brownouts.

4. Step into a spotless bathroom

The bathroom is easily the most heavily used space in your home at any time of the year. So, there’s no gainsaying the fact that the area witnesses more footfall traffic during summer. This tends to keep the bathroom moist and damp, thereby accelerating the formation of mildew and mold on the walls and floor.

Attend to the toilet nothing less than two times in a week. Cleanse the floors once weekly and make sure you switch on the exhaust fan while taking a bath and after stepping out. Also stock microfiber rags in the bathroom shelves.

5. Taking care of the trash and malodorous washbasins

You know the waste basket and trash can gives off more foul odors during summer than at any other season of the year. Decomposition and putrefaction of food items happen faster at this time of the year. Empty out the trash cans every day and wash them every alternate day. Also, do not forget to deep cleanse the sink in the bathroom and kitchen.

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