5 House Cleaning Hacks That Will Help You to Save Time While Vacuuming

5 Tips to Help You Save Time VacuumingVacuuming is one task that needs minimal effort and can be carried out easily yet effectively when it comes to home cleaning. All you need to do in order to get going is to just plug in the adapter into the wall socket and switch on the appliance. Nevertheless, more often than not, despite trying your level best so as to make the most of the vacuum-cleaner, you end up devoting more time than you can afford to for accomplishing the house cleaning chore.

So, what is it that is stopping you from taking full advantage of the mechanical device and causing the delay which could be definitely avoided? It could be your lack of experience or inability to comply with the operating terms and conditions. We are offering you a few practical tips which if you abide by will surely help you to cut down on your vacuuming downtime.

1. Ensure that your vacuum cleaner is thoroughly clean and operable

The need to have a completely spic and span vacuum cleaner for getting started with house cleaning task does not have to be emphasized. Air should circulate inside the cleaner without any obstruction in order to let the device operate efficiently. The appliance will not be able to suck up dust particles effectively if the filter is already choking with grime collected from the last cleaning chore but have not been cleared. Though it goes without saying, you should ensure that the cylinder and filter is perfectly clean before you can use the vacuum cleaner.

2. Chalk out a house cleaning plan well in advance

Organizing your home cleaning project in advance will go a long way in helping you to wrap up the job in a short period of time. First things first, get rid of the dust on the floors of the rooms using a broom and transfer the same to a dustbin using a scoop or short-handled pan. Thereafter, decide on which room you wish to clean first. Use the vacuum in an orderly fashion, moving from one room to the next.

3. Learn to vacuum in the appropriate manner

Most of us take it for granted that handling a vacuum cleaner is simple and easy and there is no rocket-science involved in operating the device properly. Having said that, there a few basic rules you must follow for getting the best results. Read and reread the ‘how to use’ instructions as well as apply the same while house cleaning in order to have the confidence that you are operating the device correctly.

4. Clean up the floors before you start vacuuming

Make sure that the floors are completely free of dust specks so that you are in a position to use the cleaner smoothly. At the same time, ensure that there are objects or sundry items lying around that could get sucked into the channel and prevent it from functioning or even damage the apparatus.

5. Vacuum periodically

Vacuum cleaning the home is of course not a one-time process as dust and grime will keep accumulating on a consistent basis. So, it follows that you should vacuum more frequently, at least once in a week to keep the dust from settling down deeply.

Vacuuming periodically also implies that you’ll require less effort in clearing the dust and maintaining the cleanliness of your abode.

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