Floor Cleaning For Spectacular Hardwood Flooring

Floor Cleaning For Spectacular Hardwood Flooring

Just about everyone love hardwood floors. They give a home or office an elegance that no other flooring can deliver. It takes skill to lay down hardwood and even more so, the care and concern regarding keeping that floor looking great with your regular home cleaning regimen.

First of all, hardwood floors are easily prone to damage. You just can’t have everyone and everything prancing around on your floors. Dents, scratches, spills, all can compromise the flooring to the point of irreparable damage. You have to lay down some prevention and rules regarding the areas in the home and office or you’ll end up with a damaged floor and no one wants that.
The use of rugs is important to some degree. You don’t want the rug to cover a major part of the hardwood area or you defeat the purpose of having a hardwood floor. You want small rugs, placed strategically so as to minimize potential wear and tear but also let the wonder of the hardwood floor shine though. Rugs go good under furniture like dining and coffee tables. Felt protection should be placed under all chairs, sofas, tables that touch the hardwood surface. Pets should be discouraged from playing on the hardwood floor and their claws had best be clipped regularly and rounded off.

Kids can occupy the space where hardwood flooring rests but you’ve got to make certain they realize the value of not using toys that can scratch or dent the flooring. Place-mats for food and beverages are a must and make sure doors and windows are secured when bad weather hits like rain or snow. Use proper shading on the windows too to prevent sun damage. For the ladies, don’t wear high heels on hardwood flooring. Just don’t do it. Some people have shoe bins right inside the doors of the room where hardwood flooring is so that people can take off their shoes and walk around. In cases like this, runners and rugs come in handy for people to walk on and not slip.

When it comes to home cleaning, don’t use soapy detergents or vinegar and water on a hardwood floor. First, use a dust mop to pick up loose debris and use the right polish every other month to keep the luster glowing. Don’t use steam cleaners either and if using a vacuum cleaner, use one with a soft brush.

If you’re not too sure about your floor cleaning, hire a professional to come in now and then, make an assessment and do a job the right way. Remember, a hardwood floor is an attractive part of the structure and an investment in equity. Learning from a pro can come in handy across the board and save you more money and worry in the long term.

Never undervalue the need for fine care for this kind of flooring. It can mean the difference between success and failure should you want to sell the property. If your hardwood floors are badly damaged, you’ll have to hire a pro team of a flooring company that might cost you a good penny to remedy, if they can fix all the damage at all.

After establishing some rules, setting down a regular weekly and monthly home cleaning and floor cleaning regimen, your hardwood flooring should last for well over 100 years. A great hardwood floor raises the equity value of any building so think of your hardwood floors as an investment in your future.

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