Practical Tips on Cleaning Bathroom Tiles

Practical Tips on Cleaning Bathroom TilesYou eagerly look forward to getting under the shower that refreshes and rejuvenates you for the entire working day. The freshness and aura of the bathroom invigorate your senses and entices you to take a shower. Just as the look of clean and gleaming shower tiles has an uplifting effect on you, grime and oily deposits on the surface and the tile grouts can be off-putting. Since you take a bath on almost all days of the year, it is imperative that maintaining the spotlessness and gloss of the shower tiles should be an essential part of your home cleaning project.

However cleaning tile shower is an activity that is easier said than done as more often than not cleaning the grime from the grouts (the gaps in between the tiles) and even from the surface can be a Herculean task. Nevertheless, the cleaning project becomes somewhat easier to handle if you happen to employ the appropriate tools and techniques. Following are some practical tips or guidelines on cleaning tile shower that you can abide by you if you want to get the job done without breaking a sweat.

Tip No.1: Getting Rid of the Soapy Scum

Scum or foam from the bath soap is more likely to first settle on the shower tiles and then find their way to the grouts. Continual deposits will cause the scum to harden with the passage of time. Therefore, the primary home cleaning tip with regards to keeping the bathroom spic and span is get rid of the scum that accumulates on the tiles. Dobie scrubbers or cleaning pads from Scotch Brite are apt for removing the deposits. Using the Dobie pads periodically renders the task of cleaning the shower tiles almost effortless.

Tip No.2: Spraying a quality cleaner

Now that you’re done with the most strenuous part of the cleaning tile shower process, this step will seem more convenient. Going by this tip, you’d just need to spray the whole outlay or surface with a quality shower tiles cleaner. Using vinegar and baking soda would be an option you’d want to exercise if you want to be eco-friendly. Apply a paste of baking soda solution (adding baking soda to water and creating a paste) to all obstinate stains on the tiles. Thereafter, make a blend by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water, and spray the mix. The action of vinegar on baking soda will cause the latter to weed out the scum.

Tip No.3: Scour the glop

The paste of baking soda activated by vinegar solution will get bubbly forcing out the scum or glop to come up. Hereafter, you just need to scrub clean the surface with the Dobie scrubber. For hard sitting mildew or mold, you could make a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and smear the goo with the paste and repeat the spraying of vinegar solution.

Tip No.4: Cleanse the tiles with hot water

Using hot water for cleaning tile shower helps in clearing residual scum buildup and is, therefore, a hygienic procedure.

Tip No.5: Let tiles dry thoroughly after the cleanup

Though this goes without saying, you should allow the shower tiles to dry up thoroughly following the cleaning job. Letting tiles dry up fully after showering every morning will also inhibit or decelerate the mildew, scum or mold formation process.                

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  2. Wow! These are some very helpful tips for tile and grout cleaning, thanks for sharing. The ingredients for these DIYs are so readily available at home and cheap too, that i am definitely trying this in my bathroom this weekend. We never notice the mildew and mold on our tiles, until we get to cleaning them. Thanks again!

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