Checklist for Summer Cleaning

Depending on the climate of the place, summer can turn out to be the least favourite or most favourite season of a person. However, there are places in different parts of the country where working under the sun during summer time can be extremely difficult because of extreme hot conditions. Provided below are the outdoor and indoor cleaning jobs which have been divided based on the weather conditions outside during summer time:

Outdoor Cleaning:

  • Windows

Cleaning the shutters, screens and outside windows are extremely important. Before cleaning the windows and screens, it is advisable to take-off the screens but removing the shutters is not necessary.

  • Deck

For cleaning the decks, the best idea is to use diluted mixture of deck cleaner or TSP and make use of a stiff brush or push broom for scrubbing the deck. The deck should be rinsed in a thorough and proper manner.

  • Tuning Up Lawn Mower

The lawn mower needs to be completely cleaned before it is kept in storage. A lawn mower should never be turned completely over. On the device itself, one can get directions on which way it needs to be leaned. The oil and remaining gas should be drained to some container and the device needs to be taken to some oil-change place for disposal of old gas and/or oil. The underside can be cleaned with water and completely dried before storage.

Indoor Cleaning

Indoor cleaning of these types can carried out once in year although, one can carry out these chores as and when required.

  • Air Conditioner

Apart from cleaning the window units, it is advisable to take the front cover off after unplugging the unit. The coils can be gently vacuumed with brush vacuum attachment. The filter should also be cleaned. For centralized air-conditioning units, the outside should be cleaned by turning the power off. An outside cover can be used for protecting it from elements during winter and fall.

  • Flipping the Mattresses

The cleaning of every mattress within the house should be carried out at least twice in each year to avoid dust mites growth. The mattresses along with the box springs need to be vacuumed.

  • Flushing Out Water Heater

Once in every year, the water heater needs to be drained and flushed. This helps in removing the sediments that get deposited at the bottom of the water heater. It is advisable to hire some professional for this kind of chore.

  • Vacuuming Registers and Air-Vents

Those with centralized air-conditioning unit need to clean the registers and vents at the season’s end. If the registers are removed then one can vacuum it from both the sides.

  • Sorting and Organising the Pantry

Items that have already passed their ‘Use By’ dates should be thrown in the trash can along with items that will longer be used. Cans with missing labels or dents need to be discarded to free up space within the kitchen.

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  1. For somebody summer is a great time to do the all important “summer cleaning” that did not have enough time to do in the spring. Another good task is to clean the heat exchanger coils on the AC to remove corrosion and improve energy efficiency.

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