5 Practical Tips for Cleaning Your House Every Summer

5 Practical Tips for Cleaning Your House Every Summer People living in the Northern Hemisphere desperately wait for the arrival of the summer after having spent the better part of their days indoors during the chilly months. The days are longer and sunnier with the weather remaining pleasant and enjoyable allowing individuals of all ages to make the most of their working hours. But on the flip side, homes tend to get messier with the spaces picking up dirt and appearing uncluttered.

Glass panels on the windows and bookshelves get stained, the furniture upholsteries wear a muddled look, and the deck fixtures are soiled. Take advantage of the following summer cleaning tips in order to keep your home thoroughly organized all through the hot spell.

Summer Cleaning Bathroom

  • Immediately wipe up surfaces that are prone to attracting moisture each time you use the bathroom to keep mildew and stains from hard water at bay
  • Empty the cabinet and drawers of all used shampoo and hair conditioning bottles to keep the racks clear
  • Keep the wash basin spic and span as well as see to it that the drain pipe does not get clogged with hairs, soap scum etc
  • Remember to keep the window in the bathroom open as long as possible and switch on the fan half an hour before and after showering

Summer Cleaning Laundry Room

The onset of summer implies that your laundry room will more often be stacked with a heap of grubby and muddy clothes that will need to be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

  • A handy summer cleaning tip so as to keep the spaces orderly is to put the different apparels in separate baskets sorting them by fabric and extent of dirtiness
  • First, take out all the old and empty containers as well as bottles from the laundry space
  • Next, machine wash or hand wash (as directed by the manufacturer) woolen/winter garments and put them away in wardrobes after they’ve dried up fully
  • Finally, cleanse the remaining apparels in order of their muddiness

Summer Cleaning Kitchen

The high temperatures and sultriness in the summer season are ideal factors for disease-causing bacteria and viruses to breed in the kitchen areas that tend to stay moist. Abideen by the ensuing summer cleaning guidelines in order to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen as well as keep the spaces odor-free.

  • Scrub the entire countertop in a gentle manner using a cotton cloth rag and mild cleansing solution
  • Clean all your kitchen appliances starting from the electric kettle to the cooktop as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Clean the nooks and crannies using a portable vacuum cleaner that comes with the relevant add-ons and also get rid of the cobwebs using a long broom
  • Clear the larder of all expired food items and keep the shelves organized

Summer Cleaning Courtyard Furniture

  • Use a garden hose for spraying deck tables and chairs and other fixtures with water and mop up the surfaces using a mild detergent solution
  • Use a sandpaper for scrubbing on the rusty sections of metallic furniture.

Picture Credit: Ruslan Solntsev

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