Some of the Crucial Summer Cleaning Tips

Cleaning serviceThe warm summer weather is the ideal time to undertake cleaning chores which haven’t been attended to for a long time. Even though people concentrate on cleaning tasks mostly during spring but summer can be the time for a new cleaning checklist. Given below is some crucial summer cleaning tips concentrated towards different areas of the home:

Patio Furniture

The spilled drinks, weather elements, and sitting definitely take a toll on the outdoor cushions. Spot cleaning happens to be the most effective cleaning for the patio furniture irrespective of the fabric type. When it comes to summer cleaning tips, it is always advisable to use delicate cleaning solution and have access to hose for cleaning the patio furniture. The instructions need to be followed carefully to avoid any type of damage.

Concrete Porches & Patios

Concrete porches and patios always take a beating in the form of wind blown debris, mud, and bird droppings. However, if the condition happens to be too bad then, it is better to get professional help. To get rid of the stains, one can use a mixture of warm water and dish soap along with strong scrub brush. A pressure washer can be used to put an end to the task.

Summer CleaningBarbeque Grills

Summer is the time when people like to enjoy their outdoor barbeques and giving some thorough cleaning happens to be one of the vital summer cleaning tips. But, this no easy task and one need to have heavy duty oven cleaner along with wire grill brush to execute the task in a proper way. A cleaning solution can be used to clean the grill’s exterior along with sauces and fingerprints.

Gutters and Downspouts

It is common fact that downspouts and gutters get filled gunk, debris, and leaves during summer time. That is the reason why downspouts inspections and gutter cleaning is quite necessary during the hot summer days.

Fountains, Spas, and Pools

Those with Fountains, spas, or pools in their backyard are well aware of the fact that they act as debris, branch, and leaf magnets. The maintenance company should be contacted for scheduling a cleaning.

Outdoor Lighting

Cleaning the outdoor lighting fixtures forms an integral part of summer cleaning tips. Insects like mosquitoes, moths, and various little critters always get attracted towards light which is the reason why the lighting fixtures should be cleaned with some all purpose cleaners.

Air Filters

In order to keep the air inside the home healthy and germ free, it is always recommended to change the air filters every 3 months. If the air inside is healthy the people always feel energetic and rejuvenated for all types of tasks.

Ceiling Fans

Even though ceiling fans are a necessity during summer months but they tend to attract tons of dust. Speaking of summer cleaning tips, regular cleaning of the ceiling fan with micro-fiber cloth or feather duster is required to enjoy the cool breeze. The blades of the fan can be cleaned with some damped cloth.

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