House Cleaning Resolutions For New Year

some resolutions for new year house cleaningWith the new year approaching, several people out there will be considering various alternatives in terms of new year resolutions for the upcoming year. Some people will be considering going to the gym more often or thinking about quitting pesky habits. However, some people will be considering getting their houses in order. Proper house cleaning keeps the homes in order. A clean and well-organized home will provide a sense of calm and peace and improve the feeling of well-being. Here are some resolutions for new year house cleaning.

Decluttering the living spaces

Everybody has that one drawer in their room or even a room that has gradually become a storage place for all kinds of miscellaneous junk we collect over the years. This year you can make a conscious effort to declutter the house and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff in the room. It will not only free up the space within the house but will also decrease stress and improve your mental clarity. It is always great to open a drawer and not be greeted with a chaotic mess for once.

Regular deep house cleaning

Gone are those days when you waited for a special occasion to provide a thorough house cleaning. You need to commit this year to be deep cleaning the living spaces regularly. It might mean that you will be required to set aside a few hours every week for tacking some areas in the home that were overlooked, such as ceiling fans, baseboards, and the area behind the fridge. This will maintain the living space in sparkling condition and also improve the air quality.

Create a cleaning schedule

One of the biggest problems while maintaining an organized and clean home is staying on top of all the tasks. This year plan on developing a cleaning schedule and sticking to it. It might mean that you will have to set aside some specific days every week for laundry. Or, you may have to develop a habit of cleaning your kitchen after all the meals. By having a routine and keeping to it, you can ensure that the home will remain clutter-free and clean all year long.

Get some help from friends and family for house cleaning

House cleaning and keeping it clean is no mean job. Many times, it is better and more fun to perform the tasks as a team. This year ensure that you will involve family members and friends in house cleaning. You may have to assign specific tasks to every person or rotate the cleaning duties every week. If you work together, you can ensure that the cleaning responsibilities are properly distributed and that everybody is contributing to the overall house cleaning.

Although many of these house-cleaning resolutions may appear to be daunting at first, keep in mind that Rome was not built in one day. Neither is an organized and clean house. If you want professional help for house cleaning in Clearwater, FL area, look no further than Cleaning Service Clearwater Company for expert work.

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