A Cleaning Checklist For Your Vacation Rental

cleaning checklist for your service crewHaving cleanliness is one of the top priorities for all travelers. In this article, we will take a look at a cleaning checklist for your vacation rental that will help you thoroughly clean the vacation rental. It will be ready to welcome all your new arrivals when you are done. Keep in mind that first impressions are responsible for getting great reviews and driving more business. Here is the cleaning checklist for your service crew.

1. Clean throughout the home: Most of your guests will wish for a completely clean house to enjoy the available space and feel safe. They will be keen to begin their vacation in a clean home. Check for all the personal belongings left by earlier guests and report if any of the CO and smoke detectors are bleeping. Check all the locks and entry doors and clean all the windows from the inside. Check if any pest control services are required and disinfect all the high-touch surfaces, such as counters and doorknobs.

2. Kitchen cleaning: Make sure that your kitchen is all ready for your guests when they arrive at your vacation rental and are ready for a meal after their trip. You need to clean all the items and surfaces, empty the dishwasher, and replenish the soaps and paper towels to help the guest in starting their holiday. Discard all the leftover food or donate it in case the seals are broken. Remove all the recyclables and trash. Clean and sanitize the trash can and also replace all the trash bags. You also need to clean and disinfect all the sinks and appliances, such as the microwave, coffee maker, and toaster ovens.

3. Clean the bedrooms: The bedrooms in the vacation rental have to be ready for the guests to allow them to take rest when they reach the vacation rental. You need to check for everything from linen to a completely clean room to make sure that the new guests feel comfortable. Change all the sheets and pillow covers by using the standard hotel bed-making ways. Vacuum the floors and under the bed. Check for any personal belonging or trash left in the closets, drawers, and under the bed-dust all the ledges and windowsills.

4. Clean the living room: Keep in mind that the living room is a high-traffic area of the vacation rental. So, never forget to disinfect the various high-touch surfaces in it. Straighten all the cushions and seating arrangements for the new guests. Clean and disinfect all the game systems, stereos, and remotes. Also, vacuum, sweep, and mop all the carpets and floors wherever applicable. Clean and dust all the furniture items, blinds, knickknacks, picture frames, lamps, and ceiling fans. Wash the interior windows and sliding glass doors.

Using these cleanliness practices allows your guests to see your commitment to their safety and a good experience with you. If your vacation rental lies in Clearwater, FL area and needs professional help for cleaning it, get in touch with Cleaning Service Clearwater Company for expert help. You can also find some vacation rental cleaning tips for the coronavirus situation online.

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