Deep Cleaning in 12 Easy Steps

Deep-Clean in 12 Easy StepsDeep cleaning is a comprehensive event for thorough cleaning of all parts of the home. To make it successful and not too tiring, use professional advice from the Cleaning Service Clearwater Company.

Step One: Preparation and Planning

Most housewives are lost, faced with the need to restore order in a big house. It’s no secret that high-quality cleaning of an apartment usually takes all weekends, so it is important to approach the matter consistently and rationally.

So make a plan of action. Think about who is close can help you, and distribute functions. Teamwork will help to cope with the case faster and make it less exhausting. If the assistants are not foreseen or you feel more comfortable, establishing order yourself, skip this stage.

Step Two: Collect Inventory

Make sure that you have everything you need for cleaning – microfiber cloths, sponges, buckets, vacuum cleaner, mop with a broom. In addition to inventory, you will need detergents and cleaners for glass, mirrors, enamelled and ceramic surfaces, etc.

Fold everything in a cart on wheels so as not to run around the house every time you need a new napkin or polish.

Start cleaning from the farthest room, ideally from the balcony, where most of the trash, dust and dirt accumulate. Remove the bedroom, nursery, living room, kitchen and at the end – a bathroom with toilet.

Step Three: getting rid of garbage

Take the package and collect all the small garbage in it. Walk around the house, look into every corner. In a bigger bag, fold all unnecessary things (toys, trinkets, clothes,  etc.) that you haven’t used for a long time – then they can be taken to church or given to an orphanage. This will help free up space and speed up further work.

Step Four: Big Wash

Consistently lay in the machine and grind curtains, curtains, furniture covers, capes and blankets. Do not forget to remove the bed sheets and bedspreads. If necessary, dry-clean pillows and soft toys.

Step Five: we put everything in its place

Lay out your belongings in the places designated for them: clothes and shoes in wardrobes, books on the shelves, cosmetics – in an organizer, toys in special baskets, stationery – in a stand.

Step Six: we put carpets in order

We clean all carpets and rugs – ideally, with washing. If the coating is very dirty, use special tools to clean them in accordance with the instructions on the package.

Step Seven: getting rid of dust

Walk with a lint-free wet cloth on all horizontal surfaces – shelves, bedside tables, tables, etc. Wipe dust off all decorative elements (vases, paintings, sculptures, etc.), wall lamps, chandeliers and lamps. Using a special tool, clean and polish the surfaces of furniture, including doors.

Step Eight: we clean everything shiny and transparent

We turn to shine on the mirrors, glass inserts in the doors, cabinets and racks, and exposed objects from crystal. After that, using window cleaners, we put in order all the windows in the apartment, including the balcony windows.

Step Nine: Washing the Floor

Wash the floors in the residential part of the premises, depending on the type of coating: linoleum and tile with plain water, parquet and laminate – protecting it from excess moisture, not too wet with a rag.

Step ten: decorate

We stroke and hang the curtains, we stop the bed, we return to the places of cloaks, decorative pillows, skins and bedside rugs.

Step eleventh: we clean the kitchen

Wash the dishes, wipe the cabinets inside and out of the grease and dirt, clean the stove, oven, microwave, sink. We put things in order in the fridge, load food there, clean the apron, wipe the table and chairs. The final stage of my floors.

Step twelfth: tidy bathroom

With special means of washing and disinfecting the toilet, sink, bath, bidet, shower. We shine on the tile, wipe the floors. Without fail we change towels.


After cleaning, you need to clean the air: turn on the ionizer or humidifier by adding a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the water to fill the rooms with a pleasant fresh smell.

And if there is no time for deep cleaning or you are not ready for such an exploit and your hands are lowered, just looking at the amount of work – contact the Cleaning Service Clearwater Company. We are happy to provide excellent results – quickly, professionally and inexpensively!

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