Important Tips for Cleaning your Place after Holidays

Important Tips for Cleaning your Place after ChristmasNo good thing lasts forever, and so it is with the protracted holidays that start right after Thanksgiving Day. The festive season seems to be over sooner than you expect and with that the holidays as well. After having a gala time of dining and wining, you’re left to clean the grease, grime, and muck from the kitchen and dining hall. You stare at all those skewers, oven, skillet, plates, and crockery splashed and spattered with the leftover grease and grime and sigh deeply in frustration.

Cleaning up after your guests have exited can be undoubtedly a challenging task even when you have the company of advanced washing and cleaning home appliances. Nevertheless, there are some smart and intelligent home cleaning tips or tricks that you can make the most of in order to tidy up your place just in time to ring in the New Year.

1. Inspect the furniture and carpet for any deep seating stains

Stains, blots, and, spots especially the ones that are oily or greasy have a tendency to set in deeply with the passage of time. For you, it means you’ll have a hard time getting rid of the stains if you missed removing these just after the Christmas or Yuletide feast. The texture of carpets or rugs or upholsteries covering furniture is such that oily stains get easily stuck on these. Once the stain adheres to the hairs of the carpet or rug, they tend to stick on obstinately meaning the longer these remain, the harder it gets for you to get rid of the same.

One of the most tried and tested home cleaning tips would be to spray a solution of dishwashing cleaner (mild) and warm water from an aerosol. Thereafter, hold a blotting paper or paper towel firmly over the stains for 2-3 minutes and repeat these two steps several times. Use clean water to completely rinse the affected area after the stains have been removed and again apply blotting paper. Remove clumps of fabric that may have accumulated following the cleaning process.

2. Take care while removing the ornaments and lighting from Christmas tree

There are some practical home cleaning tricks you can take advantage of in case you want to have it easier while decorating the Christmas tree next Yuletide. For instance, you can prevent lightings or lights from knotting up (while you take these down) by draping these around the hard tubes in which the wrapping papers or paper towels came. Wrap in a manner such that the plug end is inside the opening of the tube.

As for the ornamentations and gifts, you can envelop them properly in discarded tissue paper or wrapping paper before packing the same into boxes.

3. The cleaning period is a good time to dispose of items lying unused

Surely, you must have received some gifts that you could put to good use in the kitchen or in the study room. Clear your kitchen cupboard, study room cabinet, and children’s room dresser of old or extra items to make room for new crockery, stationery, and toys. You can always donate the redundant and/or unused items to a charity.

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