Seasonal Refresh With Outdoor Furniture And House Cleaning

Cleaning Tips For Your Outdoor FurnitureNobody has any plans of sitting on a grimy patio chair or having to eat on a dirty table outdoors. Routing house cleaning is necessary for keeping the outdoor furniture in prime condition. It is a good idea to clean the outdoor furniture four times every year to achieve the best results. You must clean it once in the summer, once at the end of it and two times in between. The most suitable method for cleaning the patio furniture depends on the kind of furniture you are using. Let’s look at the cleaning tips for wicker, wood, glass, and metal furniture items.

Cleaning wicker and wooden outdoor furniture

For removing grime from wicker and wood furniture items, you will need a mild oil-based soap with warm water. Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar, 1/4th cup of ammonia, and one-quarter of warm water to create a DIY cleaning solution. Using commercial wood cleaners is an effective way of cleaning your patio furniture. Keep in mind to read the directions carefully. Some painted wood and wicker may need a diluted solution. For better protection, always wipe down the wood and wicker to remove all the debris, dirt, and excessive water from it. You can sand it annually and apply fresh protective coating such as polyurethane, oil, or strain to it.

Cleaning iron, metal, and outdoor aluminum furniture

Proper cleaning is necessary to maintain the shine of all outdoor metal furniture. Oxidation is a common problem for all aluminum pieces. Before you clean the furniture, get rid of the imperfections from the items by using a metal polishing paste with water and vinegar. Avoid the use of chemicals such as trisodium phosphate and ammonia. The use of alkaline cleaners can result in oxidation. You can get the wrought iron furniture powder-coated or sandblasted for extra protection. For adding fortification after the cleaning, you can add a coat of automotive wax. To protect its luster, you can wash the aluminum furniture frequently and combat the rust with sand offs.

Cleaning glass patio furniture

You can keep your glass patio tables shining with the use of some simple cleaning procedures. Remove all the stuck debris by using non-abrasive and glass-safe cleansers and a sponge and cloth. Most scrub brushes are likely to scratch the glass; therefore, opt for the ones that are designed to tackle difficult cleaning-up jobs that will not damage the furniture. Home cleaning solutions and dish detergents are the most effective cleansers. After performing the initial cleaning, you need to spray glass cleaners or white vinegar on the glass surface and wipe them clean with paper towels or a microfiber cloth.

These cleaning tips are sure to breathe some new life back into your patio furniture. However, it is a good idea to store your furniture items inside your home, especially during the winter months. It prevents additional staining and weathering. If you are looking for professionals to perform this outdoor furniture and house cleaning in Clearwater, FL area, get in touch with Cleaning Service Clearwater Company for the best results.

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