5 Easy Steps To Deep Cleaning Your Fridge

5 Easy Steps To Deep Cleaning Your FridgeAlthough it isn’t possible to ensure your fridge is not full, but the process of deep cleaning is easier when you have a few items as possible. To lead a healthy life, you must keep your refrigerator clean and do periodical deep cleaning. After all, there are innumerable opportunities in there that could make you sick.

We recommend deep cleaning your fridge at least once every 3 months but depending on its size and materials stored inside you might have to do it every 2 months. It could be due to the poorly stored food products or the bacteria that grow inside. You might not always feel happy when it’s time for fridge cleaning but practicing some simple advice can make the process a lot smoother and comfortable. Let’s look at 5 such steps:

Plan on Decreasing Items You Would Like to Keep

You would be surprised to know that planning to gradually decrease things you want to keep inside the fridge will be very helpful. Things that are past their due dates and storing leftover items inside prechilled cool bags are a couple of useful ideas. Having a plan saves you time which you might waste if you start your cleaning process unprepared. There are lots of things inside and going ahead without a plan could confuse you further and make this a painful experience.

Properly Wash Drawers and Shelves

Do not resort to quick fixes such as wiping the shelves and drawers inside the refrigerator without taking them out. You should take each of them out and wash them thoroughly by applying dish soap and hot water. If you see food residues trapped in joins or corners, clean prick them out using a toothpick or a Q Tip. You may wipe down the shelves and drawers using a clean dish towel or let them dry naturally.

Wipe Interiors

Mix your preferred disinfecting cleaning solution with cold water and wipe the interiors of the fridge. Do a thorough check of all edges, corners, and groves. Clean those using a toothpick or Q Tip and scrape out the grimes or leftover debris for hard-to-clean areas. You should also closely check and clean the drip hole at the back of the fridge. Follow this by drying the entire interiors using a clean dish towel or paper towels.

Clean the External Surfaces

The door and handle of your refrigerator attract as well as retains germs, bacteria, and grime the most. You should use an antibacterial solution to clean them thoroughly. Closely examine the seal of the door and again use the toothpick or Q Tip to clean folds that cannot be cleaned using a cloth or a sponge.

Let You Fridge Cool Enough Before You Replace Food Items

After you have cleaned your refrigerator both inside and out, allow it to cool completely before replacing food items. In case your fridge comes with a thermometer, wait till the temperature goes below 5 degrees Celsius. If you are short on time, you may use the fast-cool function to accelerate the cooling process. Doing this makes sure that cooling reaches in all corners and the fridge has a fresh smell all over.

The above tips can certainly reduce the stress you go through when cleaning your refrigerator. You might not always have the time or adequate tools to deep clean efficiently. For such cases, we advise you to consult our experts at Cleaning Service Clearwater Company in Clearwater and Pinellas County, FL. We perform all kinds of home cleaning and appliance cleaning using the best practices. Our services are available throughout Florida at the most competitive rates.

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