7 Best Ways To Dog Proof Your Home

7 Best Ways To Dog Proof Your HomeDogs bring happiness to life but you need to ensure that your home is safe for the pooch. Getting a canine is an important decision because they bring lots of mess with. Your four-legged friend may get harmed by objects and furniture in your house. Thus, it is necessary to make your home dog-proof so that canines can live happily.

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Simple Ways to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Clean the Hair

Cleaning the dog’s hair is a never-ending and frustrating process. Thus, it is necessary to keep the lint roller handy as it makes the chore easy. Whether your pooch has short or long hair, a lint roller will help you in the cleaning routine.

An Air Purifier is a Boon

The grooming session of your dog can be harmful to you because pet allergens are suspended in the air and can severely affect people depending on their immunity. These harmful allergens can cause respiratory issues such as breathing problems etc. Thus, it is necessary to install an air purifier as it removes allergens. The right air purifier keeps the indoor air clean and protects against allergens.

Use Dog Deterrents

Dogs are amazing creatures but their chewing instinct can cause harm to valuable things at your home. Canines want to chew everything they get so it is necessary to protect your belongings from your canine’s teeth. Buy dog deterrents and spray on the furniture’s legs to prevent its damage from chewing. Dogs do not like the citrus smell of lemons, oranges, and grape food so they do not chew on items that have a citrus odor.

Choose the Right Bed

Dogs love sleeping and they spend a lot of time in their bed. Thus, it is necessary to get the right bed for your canine that does not trap hair and odor. Choose the one that comes with a removable and washable cover. The fabric should be bacteria-free and of high quality. The lightweight dog bed can be taken anywhere while traveling making your pooch comfortable and sleep well.

See the World from the Eyes of Your Dog

When you see the world as your dog, it becomes easier for you to make your home dog-proof. It may sound doltish but works best when it comes to the dog proofing process. Sit on the floor to know what things your dog can catch. Replace the uncovered trashcans with the lid trashcans and remove food sources. You can also install shelves that are high off the floor so you can place your valuables securely.

Towels on the Floor

Mess and dogs are always together. You will find lots of dirt and fur all over your home. Your pooch loves to go to the garden every time the doors open. For this, you can place an old towel near the door so that the dirt stops in the track. A bucket of water and cleaning essentials will make the task easy and keep your furry friend clean. Place the towels on specific spots where your pooch likes to sit more often. You can also use machine-washable soft blankets.

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