Clean Out Your Fridge And Freezer Naturally

Clean Out Your Fridge And Freezer NaturallyIt’s time to clean your fridge … let’s find out how to do this with natural products!

A solution of water and vinegar or water and bicarbonate is more than enough to clean the fridge.

It should be noted that a good maintenance also involves daily precautions on how to store food. The packaging, in addition to serving as a container of food, avoids contact with air or other agents that can alter it, protects from shocks and traumas, does not allow the transmission of odors and flavors from one food to another and represents a barrier against bacteria and molds.

Prepare a small plastic container, perhaps reusing something you already have at home, with sodium bicarbonate inside and place it in the fridge: this will make you eat smells; it must be changed every three months (write the date of preparation as a reminder).

Sprinkle the bottom of the fruit drawer of the fridge with baking soda on top of the absorbent paper: this will prevent bad odors and keep fresh vegetables, but remember to change it very often.

To clean the refrigerator we recommend starting with the freezer defrosting. Here are all the steps to follow:

  • place a towel on the bottom of the refrigerator to collect the water that drips from the freezer;
  • remove the drawers, the glass shelves and all the removable parts that can be washed separately under running water;
  • wash the inside of the refrigerator with a soft cloth soaked in lukewarm water and sodium bicarbonate or vinegar;
  • if necessary, dry all surfaces with a dry and clean cloth.

Freezer cleaning

  • use the hair dryer if you want to accelerate the defrosting times of the cell;
  • use the special shovel (supplied with each refrigerator) to remove the ice attached to the surfaces;
  • clean the inside of the cell with a soft cloth soaked in warm water and bicarbonate of soda or vinegar;
  • dry the walls well before switching the freezer back on to prevent ice from forming immediately.

Further advice

  • It is convenient to clean the refrigerator before leaving for the holidays (when all supplies have been consumed!);
  • when you are away for a period, leave the fridge switched off and the doors slightly open;
  • you can take the opportunity to deodorize the refrigerator by putting a little charcoal in a bowl to be stored in the fridge off;
  • to avoid having to clean the fridge too often it is advisable to:
    1. place the food in appropriate containers;
    2. dry and clean the bottles and all the packages before storing them;
    3. to convince all the members of the family to pay a little attention!

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