Cleaning Secrets From The Pros

Cleaning Secrets From the ProsCleaning is the same ritual as cooking, washing clothes or hygiene. Cleaning in the house, we do everything on the machine, without even thinking how well we act. But during the cleaning we make a lot of mistakes that are evident to professional maids or cleaning company specialists.

We have 12 secrets with which the ideal cleaning will not be a dream, but a reality. Try to clean the house at least once and compare how clean and fresh your home has become.

  1. Windows in sunny weather can not be washed. The fact is that under the sun any window cleaner dries before the end of the cleaning, which leads to ugly stains on the glass. Better my window on a gloomy day or when the sun’s rays stop sliding on the glass.
  2. Detergent is recommended not to spray on the surface, but on a dry cloth, which then all and wipe. Moreover, excess liquid should be removed with an additional rag.
  3. Do not forget to wipe gadgets, electronics, and remote controls: there is going to not only dust, but also microbes.
  4. If an unpleasant smell emanates from the washing machine, do not ignore it. Probably, mold is formed on the surface of the equipment, so do not be too lazy to organize a thorough cleaning.
  5. Do not forget to monitor the cleanliness of the refrigerator: regularly throw away spoiled food and unclaimed food. Otherwise, there will be mold and bacteria infecting fresh produce.
  6. After cutting meat or fish, knives and other kitchen appliances should not be put in their original place, but should be first sanitized. To do this, mix in a separate container 4 liters of water with 1 tablespoon of bleach, and then place the cutlery in the solution for a couple of minutes. After which it remains to thoroughly wash the knives with hot water.
  7. Do not fill the bed immediately after waking up. Otherwise, a humid, air-free environment is formed in the bed, which for parasites and dust mites is an ideal breeding ground. It is better to have a mess on the bed for half an hour and it will air out under the frosty air in winter or dry out with hot air in summer.
  8. Curtains need regular cleaning, because they accumulate a lot of dust. Moreover, it is not necessary to wash them, it is enough to discard them with a wet towel rolled into a straw. Dust is easy to knock out on the floor, and then vacuumed.
  9. It turns out, even flush in the toilet should be correct. So, before pressing the cherished button, you should close the lid of the toilet bowl, otherwise the smallest bacteria will scatter throughout the bathroom within a radius of a couple of meters, settling on walls, towels and toothbrushes.
  10. It is safe for health to clean without rubber gloves that protect the skin of the hands from bacteria and chemicals. In addition, respiratory masks should be used, which do not allow harmful elements to enter the lungs.
  11. Do not mix bleach with another cleaner. Adding alcohol, ammonia or vinegar is fraught with a dangerous chemical reaction. As a result, harmful gas may be released, which enters the lungs and damages skin and eyes.
  12. After cleaning with the use of chemicals, you should thoroughly ventilate the room, otherwise the respiratory system will have to absorb the remnants of chemicals.

These secrets of cleaning will help not only to settle the cleanliness in the house, but also preserve the health and well-being after the process itself. But sticking to these simple rules is a snap.

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