Home Cleaning: Tackling the Refrigerator

Home Cleaning: Tackling the Refrigerator

You might have noticed over time that throughout your entire home, the refrigerator can be the most used, frequently seen, and also one of the biggest dirt and grime collectors. Having a messy refrigerator is no fun, after all, a presentation is everything. If you don’t like that cliché, then refer to ‘cleanliness is next go godliness’ one. No, but seriously, it doesn’t have to be an impossible mission to clean your refrigerator, so consider some of the following advice, tips, and steps to maximize the effect.

Organization is Key
Before, during, and after home cleaning it’s critical that you’re keeping everything organized and neat. When emptying out your refrigerator keep in mind how important it is to not let raw meats or other foods thaw out and go bad – so plan accordingly. It may be quite helpful before starting to remove all of your foods and containers to organize them on your counter-top, so it’s easier and faster putting everything back. Keep everything organized not only for you but also your loved ones and any visitors you might have. Also, don’t forget to throw away rotten or expired foods!

Use appropriate cleaning tools and cleaners
Before getting started, consider going through this check-off list. This way, you don’t spoil your foods from keeping them out of the refrigerator longer than you had to.
• Either prepare or purchase a non-abrasive, soft but tough, fresh and clean sponge
• Get a clean dish rag and paper towels to both double-scrub and dry your refrigerator and foods as needed
• A multipurpose cleaner for getting the most out of your scrubbing efforts both inside and out of your refrigerator
• Get a microfiber cloth if possible, as this will help to dry with a smooth, non-abrasive or smearing effect
• A stainless steel cleaner brush to help scrub hard to remove gunk and grime
• A (disposable) toothbrush if possible to reach and scrub hard to reach places

Maximizing your Efforts
Are your refrigerator shelves and compartments removable? If so, take them out to clean in-between them and soak or scrub them as necessary in a bucket. If possible, it might be ideal to use a tub or sink to let them seep in soap and warm water for about 15-20 minutes – in some cases, it could take longer.

Before you begin, consider unplugging the refrigerator if you’re going to keep it open the entire time, as this will waste electricity and can be costly dependent upon how long the entire task takes. Make an honest effort to clean anywhere and everywhere that you can reach, no matter how small the dirt or stains might seem. After all, these types of food, dirt, or debris build-up can actually breed bacteria and get you or your guests sick – yuck, and how embarrassing would that be!

Home cleaning and tackling your refrigerator doesn’t have to be a tough, drawn out, or necessarily boring task. Just set some time aside so you don’t have to rush, throw on some jams or light some candles to enjoy yourself and remain positive!

Image credit: Andriy Popov

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