Home Cleaning Services For Flu And Coronavirus

Home Cleaning Services For Flu And CoronavirusDo you catch coronavirus infection from the laundry? How do I eat my food now? Some of these mundane household tasks have become a source of anxiety and uncertainty as various families are trying hard to get their fundamentals right while keeping their loved ones healthy and safe. There is widespread misinformation about coronavirus as well and it is placing everyone at risk and adding to the stress. You must practice mindful living inside a healthy home and take the due care of yourself and your family. As the coronavirus is spreading its tentacles throughout the world there are cleaning services beginning to work toward the safety of the house residents. There are cleaning services available that use disinfectants that are effective against flu and coronavirus.

Cleaning around the house

Disinfecting and cleaning the high-touch surfaces around the house consistently is a significant precaution for lowering the risk of infection. Use the cleaning services for safe and effective housekeeping and for the precautions they ask you to take. Make sure that you have good ventilation around the house. Some national agencies have made lists of anti-virus products that are effective against coronavirus.

1. High-touch surfaces for disinfecting and cleaning: All homes are different, however, the common high-touch surfaces are tables, handrails, chairs, door handles, taps, light switches, computers, mobile phones, toilets, bathroom and kitchen surfaces, keyboards, remote controls, tabs, game controllers, and the favorite toys of children.

2. What do you use for disinfecting and cleaning? When a surface in a house is dirty first clean it up by using soap or detergent and water. After this, use the disinfectant product which contains around 70% alcohol or bleach. Vinegar and other natural products are not recommended in this case. There are some places around the house where it is difficult to reach with the wipes and disinfectant sprays. In these cases use soap and water for the moment. You can also use diluted bleach solutions for some of these surfaces.

3. How do you disinfect? Significantly, you do not wipe off the cleaning solutions immediately after applying it onto a surface. Most of the disinfectant products such as sprays and wipes have to stay wet on surfaces for several minutes for them to be effective. Read the instructions always for making sure that you are using the product as instructed. Try to avoid damaging delicate products such as cell phones and other electronic devices. You may want to use wipeable covers for the electronics items.

Precautions while using cleaning services

Here are some ways to make sure that there is a clean and healthy environment at home after and during the visit of the cleaning services.

  • Make sure that the service team is wearing gloves, masks, and shoe covers.
  • Ensure that this team disinfects and sanitizes the doorknobs, bathroom surfaces, telephones, and light switches along with other commonly touched hard surfaces by using the EPA approves disinfectant that is useful against coronavirus.
  • The vacuum used by the team must be more than 99% effective at capturing bacteria, particles, pet dander, mold, dust mites, and pollen from the softer surfaces such as rugs, upholstery, and carpets.
  • Ensure that all the cleaning cloths are laundered and disinfected between homes before being used again.
  • Vacuum and the various attachments must be disinfected between homes during the day and also at the end of the day.
  • The cleaning services team must be equipped with anti-bacterial hand sanitizer for use at homes and in between.
  • All the interior and exterior surfaces of the car they use are disinfected every evening.
  • The service must follow CDC guidelines for employee safety and work preparedness and ensure a clean and hygienic workplace.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while using the cleaning services for disinfecting your home. If there has been anyone sick at your home, notify the agency in advance so that the team members can take the due precautions. Remember, this virus can live on hard surfaces for 2-3 days so keep on disinfecting the high-touch surfaces regularly by using your disinfectant. In case you want to get your home in Clearwater cleaned for coronavirus get in touch with Cleaning Service Clearwater. Remember, professionals, know the secrets of cleaning and they can also ensure the wellbeing of your family in the process.

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