Ordinary Products For Home Cleaning

Ordinary Products For Home CleaningYes, those high-end retail products with the dazzling commercials and peppy jingles make for grabbing the attention of people wanting to do some home cleaning, but a little research shows that they’re all based on simple products you’ve already got in your cabinets that people have been using for cleaning for centuries. Even with today’s new materials, these products can provide a restoration or gleam that makes the objects look spanking brand new, with just a little elbow grease.

One of the oldest is good old vinegar. Vinegar can clean just about anything and is a disinfectant also. Normally it’s used in a diluted form in warm water and then applied to a surface as it’s so acidic in its full strength it could cause damage. It’s great for overall cleaning especially for kitchens and bathrooms that take a lot of punishment. Use soft cloths and soft sponge mops and vinegar and water will do the home cleaning job you’re looking for.

Baking soda is an old standby. People swear by it and a little use can show how effective this can be. Just sprinkle it on those tough bathroom or kitchen or floor stains and add water and let it effervesce lifting grime and dirt out of the surface and in some cases it gets into the upper layers of materials for a real deep cleaning. You can wash clothes, dishes, clean out a dishwasher, clean tools, even brush your teeth with baking soda. It’s harmless and green for the environment and very low cost. It also absorbs odors which are why you’ll find a box in the back of most refrigerators. Never underestimate baking soda, it saves the day.

Believe it or not, salt can do some cleaning too. In this case, you can add salt to regular turpentine and hit those hard to clean stains on ceramic or tile. Good ventilation is needed but you’ll see those stains lift and the shine comes back.

Another goodie is lemon juice. Lemon juice and warm water disinfects and cleans tough stains off the tile and ceramic and even metal. It’s good for floors too. It leaves that lemony smell but that’s why you’ll see lemon juice added to the high profile home cleaning solutions at the supermarket. Mother Nature and lemons can mean clean in many ways.

Oven cleaner just isn’t for cleaning ovens. These tough solutions can clean tools, floors, porcelain, and glass. Just spray it on and let it set for those really tough stains. This is an industrial approach but it works. Oven cleaner should be used when the kids and pets are out of the way and in good ventilation. You’ll not have to use a lot to get effective results but it’s been a great standby for decades and you’ll find it in the toolboxes of professional mechanics the world over.

Cream of tartar, not tartar sauce, mixed with hydrogen peroxide until it turns into a paste will work wonders on tough stains. Just slab it on and let it dry. It will reach deep to remove the tough stains and leave a nice shine to the surface.

These are just a few of the household products you can use for thorough home cleaning indoors and outdoors. They’re cheap, effective and generally safe. No need for expensive store-bought stuff, just simple products that do the home cleaning job to the max.

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