How to Use a Carpet Steam Cleaner

The Best Way To Steam Clean Your CarpetVacuum cleaners, despite their effectiveness, do not remove greasy and dirty stains from carpets. The answer to these spots is cleaning with steam. Steam cleaners for carpets use pressure and temperature to remove complex stains and leave behind a clean and beautiful carpet. In this article, you will learn how to clean the carpet with a vapor steam cleaner.

The use of carpets is not limited to a particular country or culture. They are popular all over the world for their decorative effect. However, carpets tend to collect dirt and require proper care and cleaning. Spilled drinks and stains from fallen food products, all this is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, dust and other microscopic substances remain on the carpet fibers, which leads not only to the accumulation of dust, but also to the formation of mold / fungus.

Technology of cleaning carpets by a steam cleaner

Dirty carpets not only look untidy, they smell unpleasant and can aggravate an allergy. Vacuum cleaners collect most of the dirt and dust, however, they can not clean the carpet completely. To remove oily stains and dirt, the vacuum cleaner is not enough, the carpet needs to be cleaned with steam.

According to studies in the field of harvesting, steam provides the most qualitative results. Steam cleaning means softening of dirt and mildew, including the most difficult spots. The high temperature and pressure applied by the steam cleaner lead to the fact that dirt and mold are separated from the fibers of the carpet. After softening, dirt is easily absorbed by a powerful vacuum cleaner and sent to the dust collector tank. In the case of conventional vacuum cleaners, the steam function is absent, therefore, the dirt is removed only by the volatile and on the surface of the carpet, while complex spots remain.

Steam cleaning is the best method of cleaning carpets. For people suffering from asthma and allergies, steam cleaning becomes very appropriate. Steam cleaners refresh carpets in the house. These devices work in three stages to clean the carpet. First, the machine sprays the cleaning solution onto the carpet. Then the brush vigorously cleans the carpet, penetrating deep into the carpet fibers. And only then the vacuum system of the steam cleaner collects the dirty solution, which is sent to the tank for utilization.

How to clean the carpet with a steam cleaner

Before you clean the carpet with a steam cleaner, you need to make sure that all furniture has been moved to another room. The area of ​​the carpet should be free for cleaning. After the carpet is free of furniture, it should be vacuumed with an ordinary vacuum cleaner to remove excess dust and large particles of dirt.

Dirty and oil stains can be treated with a small amount of carpet cleaner.

Prepare a carpet cleaning mixture with a steam cleaner. For this mixture, you will need to dilute one glass of the carpet cleaning solution in hot water, and then fill the steam cleaner compartment. After the equipment is ready for use, either install it in the center of the carpet, or on one side. Working as a steam cleaner, it is important not to overdo it with its moisturizing. Excess water in the carpet can lead to problems in the future. Thus, it is important to consistently clean the carpet, that is, from the center to the edges or from left to right. This will help you cover the entire area of ​​the carpet without double moisturizing.

When the steam cleaner is set to the start position, connect the cord to the nearest outlet. The steam cleaner will collect all the dirt left by the vacuum cleaner. After the entire carpet has been cleaned with steam, you will no longer hear an unpleasant crunch under your feet. The whole carpet will be clean and fresh. Open the windows and turn on the fan, if there is, to help the carpet dry out faster. Summer is the best time for steam carpet cleaning. Make sure that no one walks on the carpet until it dries. You can check the dryness of the carpet by touching it. If the hand is dry after pressing on the pile of the carpet, then it is already possible to walk on it!

For houses with high cross-country capacity, steam cleaning should be planned at least every three months, and if household traffic is characterized as low, it is enough once a year. Of course, it is best to hire professionals who will do the job quickly and efficiently, and you will leave a clean and fresh carpet, saving a lot of time.

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