Cleaning Your Kitchen Efficiently and Smartly

Cleaning Your Kitchen Efficiently and SmartlyNo matter how big or small your apartment, villa, condominium or farmhouse may be, the premises are prone to getting messy with the passage of time. The kitchen is one area in your home that tends to pick up dirt and muck faster than say the

bedroom or living room. The kitchen is the space that experiences the maximum footfalls on any given day as you frequently use the area for cooking square meals a day in day out.

No wonder then that the place gets mucky and grimy sooner than you’d like to. The appliances that you use for preparing nutritious dishes in a jiffy also add to the kitchen’s dirtiness. Any home cleaning job that does not entail tidying up the kitchen is a half-baked affair. Follow the smart tips mentioned hereunder for cleaning kitchen:-

1. Clean dishes every day

Believe it or not, your kitchen will appear clean and tidy if the dishes, cutleries, crockery, pots, and pans are well maintained. Allowing dishes to stack during the workweek means you are left with a massive pile to clean during the weekend which could be backbreaking. Doing up the dishes, plates, and pans that accumulate every day is not only less laborious but also makes your kitchen appear more orderly.

It is a cleaning kitchen trick that you can make the most for maintaining the spotlessness of the place. More often than not, you’re left with heavily burnt pots or pan after a dinner party at home. You may not be able to get rid of the deep-seated stains simply by scrubbing. Sprinkling baking soda over the stains, fill the pan with boiling water halfway up and use a scrubber or sponge to remove the muck after the water cools down sufficiently.

2. Keep your sink spic and span

The kitchen sink is very much like the liver in your body that retains a lot of filth and suffers silently for days on end. So, all hell breaks loose when the sink revolts and regurgitates muck that has been choking the drainpipe. So, ensuring that the sink in the kitchen looks spotless can go a long way to help keep the area gleaming at all times.

Resort to cleaning each and every component of the sink starting from the faucet to the drainpipe. You’ll come across several organic cleaning solutions in a superstore that come perfectly handy for wiping off all the food particles in the sink. On the other hand, you can also make good use of home cleaning remedies including but not limited to lemons, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, borax, and washing soda.

3. Keep the surfaces sparkling clean

The countertop, stovetops, shelves and storage racks attract grease, drips, and splashes every time you prepare meals in the kitchen. The oily deposits and greasy films have a tendency to solidify making it extremely difficult to get rid of the layers if you don’t attend to the same soon after you’re done with cooking. Pour some droplets of a liquid cleanser atop a superior quality of scrubbing sponge, for instance, a Dobie Pad, and scrub clean with gentle strokes. Use the same cleaning solution for restoring the sparkle back to mixer grinders, coffee makers, and toasters.

4. Do not miss out on sprucing up the refrigerator

The final kitchen cleaning tip recommends you to neaten up your refrigerator at least once in a week. Every time you open the fridge, check out for any food items that are well past their ‘use by’ dates and dispose of the same immediately. There could be some raw, semi-processed and processed foods which might expire in the next couple of days; see if you can use them up during lunch or dinner. Empty the fridge of all the contents occasionally and give it a thorough scrubbing before reinserting the food items.

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