Why Tide Is Better Than Baking Soda & Vinegar For Washing Clothes

Washing Clothes with Baking Soda vs. TideIf you want to clean everything along with clothes, you should always find the best possible way. While Tide liquid formula can actually help in removing stains and dirt, baking soda and vinegar can give you the best results. So, before we move on with the methods, let’s take a look at the challenges you might face with modern laundry.

  • When everyone in your family is using clothes made from synthetic fabric, the fibers hold on dirt to a great extent. This is surely a challenge because clothes become dirtier than you had thought about.
  • With colored prints on clothes, cleaning them can lead to color loss. In fact, even when you expect laundry detergent to handle such clothes, the color is likely to spread on the white colored dresses.
  • Most of the time, people prefer washing clothes in cold water. But, this might be a tough task and the detergent should be effective in such conditions.
  • When you know that dirty clothes require lots of water, tossing them inside large washing machines wouldn’t really work. This challenge should be kept in mind especially when you have purchased a washing machine a few years back.

So, while human beings tend to sweat and clothes start stinking, you would certainly like using Tide Ultra Oxi for washing them.

Experts brought dirty aprons and started off with the cleaning task at the lab. As they prepared a paste with baking soda and detergent, the solution didn’t help to remove the stains. On the other hand, Tide Ultra Oxi proved to be effective and gave better results. This seemed evident when the aprons were observed in a bright room. While baking soda treatment along with detergent didn’t help the stains to come out, the ones washed with Tide seemed completely clean.

Moving ahead, lemon juice was also used due to its bleaching power. But, the experts had to be sure about the quantity or else the color of the clothes might fade away sometime later.

When they had to work for getting rid of the smell, Tide really served to be the best solution. The results were much better than clothes soaked in vinegar and washed with a detergent. Tide Fresh Coral Blast was another option that the experts preferred. Besides, Tide unscented pods were considered the best to remove the odors.

PG - Tide Beats HacksIn the end, there wasn’t any need to add vinegar when the job was done by two Tide PODs.

You would be also happy to know that Tide is capable to remove stink and dirt when clothes were washed after a football match.

Everything seems quite easy with Tide PODs which take less time than baking soda, lemon, and vinegar as well as detergent. There is nothing to worry about even when sweaty jerseys were full of stains.

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Picture Credit: stevepb, Procter & Gamble

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