Cleaning Outdoor Furniture after a Long Time? Follow these Tips

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture after a Long Time? Follow these TipsThe tables, chairs, swing, and other components of outdoor furniture laid out in the veranda or porch of your home tend to accumulate a lot of dust and grime during the harsh winter months. Given the frosty weather that predominates for months on end, you simply would not want to break your back dusting the chairs and swiping the tables. You’d rather prefer to while away the hours lounging on the sofa, sipping cappuccino or martini, and enjoying a baseball match or lapping up a reality show.

However, with the onset of spring when the snow starts to thaw and the sun stays overhead for a few hours more, the outdoors appear sunnier and brighter galvanizing you into action. Spring time is undoubtedly the best time of the year to get your act together when it comes to outdoor furniture cleaning. Since you’re full of beans, you’re able to clean and organize the furniture lying on the deck or gazebo more effectively and quickly as well.

Regardless of whether your outdoor furniture has been shaped out of cane, polymer or metal, abiding by the following tips will go a long way in enabling you to accomplish the clean-up project faster.

1. Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

Thoroughly washing the courtyard fixtures is what you’d indispensably need to do in the beginning with respect to outdoor furniture cleaning. The chairs and tables have picked up enough dirt in the winter months and have become caked. Therefore, it’d take some effort on your part to remove the deep-seated dust layers and restore the shine back to the furnishings.

Nevertheless, if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort, you’d be able to complete the DIY outdoor furniture cleaning in less than a day! Before getting started, arrange for the following:-

  • A hose pipe
  • Bucket
  • Cleaning solution (dishwasher cleaner will do)
  • Warm water
  • Commercial furniture cleaning liquid
  • Microfiber cloth dusters
  • Brush with soft bristles
  • Connect one end of the hose pipe to a water tap, aim the nozzle on the furniture, and release a forceful, steady stream of water so as to slacken off the dirt
  • Pour 1/4th cup of the dishwasher cleaner in the bucket and fill it up halfway with warm water
  • Fully soak the microfiber cloth in the bucket and swab all sections of the furniture using long strokes. Wring the duster in the bucket, rinse it, and repeat the mopping process
  • Allow the furniture to fully dry up
  • Use the commercial cleaner only when you’re unable to get rid of the dusty deposits with the mild cleanser. Following the cleaning instructions mentioned on the label
  • For getting rid of caked dirt or grime, use the brush and in a gentle manner
  • Get hold of the hose pipe to wash away all traces of the cleaner and let the furniture air dry

2. Cleaning Cushions

The material of your deck cushions will determine the procedure you’ll follow for cleaning the same. Irrespective of whether you go DIY or make use of commercial cleaner, make sure that you read the care instructions outlined on the label before proceeding. Tidying up vinyl cushions is simple but you may go through the process many times for doing away with the debris completely. You’ll need some pieces of microfiber cloth, warm water, a bucket, and a mild dishwashing liquid for cleaning vinyl cushions.

When it comes to cleaning machine-wash cushions, you’ll get the best results if you dust off the dirt prior to throwing them in the washing machine. Use a mild laundry detergent for rinsing. Once you’ve cleaned and dried the cushions, keep them inside a wardrobe or cabinet to protect them from mildew or spores.   

3. Guidelines to Follow So That You Have it Easier the Next Year

Store your courtyard furniture in the cellar or garage to safeguard them from the elements, before you take them out during the winter months.

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