About Airbnb’s 5-Step Home Cleaning Process

Airbnb cleaning checklistAirbnb cleaning process involves five steps that are cleaning practices all the hosts are required to undertake between their guest stays. They are in addition to all the local guidelines and laws. All the details about the best methods for home cleaning can be found in the Airbnb cleaning handbook. It provides comprehensive cleaning checklists for the readers. This handbook can also be found on the Insights->Cleaning when you visit the hosting account from a web browser. You can also find videos and tips here. Let’s look at the five steps.

1. Preparation: A correct preparation allows you and your team to perform home cleaning more efficiently and safely. Ensure that you are ventilating the space in question before and after you have performed the cleaning as far as possible. You must use disinfectants that are approved by the local regulatory bodies against COVID-19. Remember to read the warnings and directions about the cleaning products carefully. Disinfect and wash your hands later.

2. Cleaning: Cleaning involves the removal of dirt and dust from all the surfaces, such as countertops and flooring. Ensure that you vacuum, sweep, dust, and mop all the areas before you sanitize. Wash all the laundry and dishes by using the highest possible heat. Now wipe out all the hard surfaces by using water and soap.

3. Sanitizing: Sanitization takes place when you have used chemicals to reduce the different bacteria from the surfaces, such as TV remotes and doorknobs. Ensure that you spray all the high-touch surfaces in every room with a disinfectant spray that is approved. Allow this disinfectant spray to stand in place for a specified time according to the label on the product. Then allow this surface to air-dry.

4. Checking: After you have completed the sanitization, it is a good idea to ensure that you are not missing out on something. Ensure that you are referring to the best practices in every room by using the checklist in the handbook to confirm that you are not missing some spots. You can share these best practices with the cleaning professionals and hosting teams.

5. Resetting: To prevent cross-contamination, significantly, you complete the cleaning and sanitization in a room before replacing the items for the upcoming guests. You need to wash your hands before you replace linens, supplies, and cleaning kits. Wash or dispose of the cleaning supplies and your protection gear and remember not to enter a room after it has been sanitized. Clean all the equipment between the turnovers.

The hosts that do not agree with these safety practices are not allowed to host for Airbnb. Performing this kind of home cleaning also requires you to wear masks and maintain social distancing as mandated by local guidelines and laws. Those hosts repeatedly violating the cleaning standards will be required to bear suspensions and warnings, and in many cases, their accounts will be deleted from Airbnb. If you are looking to learn more about this process or perform regular home cleaning in Clearwater, FL area, look no further than Cleaning Service Clearwater Company for help.

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