Home Cleaning Tips For Deodorizing Your Kid’s Room Naturally

some easy home cleaning tips that can efficiently deodorize your kid's room naturallyYou might agree that your kid’s room doesn’t produce a pleasant aroma over time. You would have also wondered what was going on in that room. In most cases, it’s challenging to know the reason behind the great mystery. You need to focus on solutions that keep your home smelling fresh with a serene environment around for all such cases. Below we have discussed some easy home cleaning tips that can efficiently deodorize your kid’s room naturally.

Carpet Fresheners and DIY Air Fresheners
We all have used or regularly the store-bought air fresheners but do you know most contain harsh chemicals? Such furniture sprays or air fresheners mask the smell and don’t eliminate them. You can prepare your own DIY natural room air freshener spray.

For instance, you can mix baking soda with a few drops of essential oils. Eucalyptus essential oils are pretty good as they help clear nasal congestion and reduce asthma symptoms. You can pour this mixture into a spray bottle and add some water. Shake it well for 20-30 seconds and lightly mist a room using this spray to eliminate odors.

Similarly, you can prepare a DIY natural Carpet Refresher. Again mix some baking soda with ground cinnamon. Add this mixture to a shaker. You may also use an empty spice container having holes at the top. Sprinkle the mixture over the carpet and let it remain on it for an hour. Vacuum the carpet as you do and ensure you remove any residue.

Avoid Eating Food Inside
A practical tip when you speak of home cleaning is keeping your food outside. The smell in your room isn’t only because of dirty clothes or bed sheets. Smuggles of sugary drinks or snacks that your child often munches inside his room can lead to such a smelly scenario. Ensure you regularly check below the bed, behind the desk, and in other dark spaces such as closets. These spaces are often places where food gets stuck and is forgotten about.

In some cases, when you don’t find food inside the room, old spills or stains may linger and create a smelly environment. If this is the case, it’s time to deodorize and disinfect. To make your room smell better, you can use some homemade solutions to remove the smell inside the bedroom.

For example, you can create a natural air freshener using ½ cup of vinegar mixed with ½ cup of water in a pot. Place the potholder on a flat surface inside the room. It will help in neutralizing odors instead of masking them. You may even repurpose an alcoholic beverage by adding three parts of water mixed with ten drops of citrus oil and a single part of vodka in the bowl. Let this mixture sit in your room for a few hours. Doing so will remove musty and foul odors from the room.

Improve Air Circulation Inside the Room
You might say this is pretty easy by opening the windows. But doing this can make a lot of difference to the kid’s room. Several studies indicate that the air inside a house can be more polluted than outside. Hence, improving air circulation within your child’s room would not only deodorize the space but also positively impact the overall air quality inside.

Dry Your Clothes In The Sunlight
An essential tip to reduce your home cleaning efforts is to let the sun be your dryer. If you have been using machine dryers over time, you would observe that clothes and bedsheets start smelling terrible. Letting your clothes remain in the dryer without completely drying starts growing mildew and mold, leading to unpleasant odors.

This can drastically affect the way your room smells. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you should let the sun do the work. Such practices improve your child’s room air quality and contribute to energy efficiencies, and allow you to use your clothes for a longer time.

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