5 Ways To Reduce Your Stress Related To Home Cleaning

Some important tips to help you reduce the stress of home cleaningHome cleaning often causes a lot of anxiety and frustration in some of us. Although you might spend money, in most cases people at home argue about who does what, when, and how frequently. Hence, to help you reduce the stress and do the task of home cleaning, we have compiled some important tips below.

Prefer Short Sprints Than Marathons

Most of us won’t like or have time to set aside 5 hours for cleaning the entire house. If you do plan to do everything at once, you would probably never clean. To ease your cleaning experience, it’s important to avoid deer-in-headlights paralysis. You should divide the cleaning tasks into smaller spurts than trying to do them all at once. Paring down larger jobs in small sections makes you feel like completing the task much faster.

Thus, it might mean setting aside 10 to 15 minutes a day for cleaning tasks than doing the entire task in 3 hours over the weekend. Although it might not appear perfect, 10 minutes a day is easy to manage and gets your task done.

Think Of The Feeling You Get After Cleaning

The feeling of accomplishment after completing a cleaning task often acts as a motivator and secret to handle the task more efficiently. Quick thinking over how you would feel after cleaning your place can set you up for it. Hence, despite knowing how hard it may be, you are better focused and motivated for the task.

Stay Busy While Cleaning

Starting your cleaning tasks and doing them over a week, you may put a bunch of audiobooks on the iPod and keep them plugged in all day. Listening to motivational, inspirational, and leadership books can help in staying focused and positive. This practice keeps your mind active while doing tasks that are often repetitive. Keeping your mind busy helps in multi-tasking and feeling more efficient

Schedule Home Cleaning Tasks

You should schedule your home cleaning tasks. It might not be a formal one but you should at least have an informal schedule to follow. You may set reminders on your smartphone or use a paper calendar to schedule the cleaning plans. The schedule comprises of things you would do and when. It should also mention the frequencies, such as doing the laundry 2-3 times a week, deep cleaning the kitchen once each week, and a quick wipe down of the bathroom at least once each week.

Pitch in and do the larger tasks as required. Hence, you are well aware of things you should do each week and the time you should devote to each task.

Set Realistic Goals and Only Do What You Can

You might often be inspired by celebrities and famous personalities to have a perfectly clean house. But, it’s impossible to imitate the same at your place. Hence, you should have a realistic approach and do what you can in your planned timeframe. You should know what can drive you crazy and things you can delay until you have more time. For instance, a dirty kitchen can make us mad as it needs considerable time to clean. However, cleaning your desk or wardrobe might take much less time. Hence, postpone the task of cleaning for the future until you can dedicate enough time.

Some of us might overestimate our abilities and try to complete both tasks together. But in the end, might not be able to do either of them perfectly. Such cases can often make you feel less motivated and not good about yourself. Even if you share your house with other members, it’s better to focus on things you are responsible to do than getting angry or upset about things that they haven’t done. Rather if you have time and are motivated, you should do everything and relish your hard work of doing it for yourself and not others.

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