Easy And Useful Tips To Clean Your House Thoroughly

House cleaning scheduleRegular home cleaning is important to keep your house sparkling clean. Delaying or skipping periodical house cleaning tends to pile up dirt and grime. Hence, for the same task for which you might have taken a few minutes, you will need a day-long event.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to scrub your toilet or dust your shelves daily. Your house has different areas and each doesn’t need to be cleaned every day.

Daily Home Cleaning Tasks
The kitchen is one important area that needs to be cleaned after every use. You should keep on top of dishes, sweep and spot mop spills after cooking, and clean the wash counters.

Similarly, surface areas such as breakfast nooks, coffee tables, or dining room tables have to be wiped down daily. It prevents bacteria growth and pests’ buildup. You should be sweeping crumbs that fall on the floors, picking up clutter, tidying tables, counters, and surfaces that tend to collect dirt and dust such as books or mail. Additionally, you should be collecting toys that gather around the house along with folding throw blankets and making the bed to start fresh each day.

Every Couple of Days
Clean the bathroom sink every 2-3 days. This area sees a lot of activity which involves brushing teeth, makeup, hair products, and washing hands. So, make sure you are wiping the sink at least once every 2-3 days. Wiping the faucet handles, and sink helps in removing bacteria and germs besides making it appear shiny clean.

Allocate 10-minutes every few days to tackle an area that collects clothes and shoes usually the clothes chairs, bureau tops, entryways, etc. You will be surprised how quickly you can tidy up such spaces with minute attention every few days.

Weekly House Cleaning Tasks
Door handles, gaming console controls, light switches, TV remotes, etc. are commonly touched areas. Quickly wiping them down each week will keep germs away from such devices or areas.

Your bathroom is an area that needs cleaning each week. Daily usage of the bathroom introduces many bacteria and germs. As bathrooms are exposed to higher moisture content, it often becomes an area for mold and mildew buildup. You should empty all wastebaskets and sweep the floors. Also, clean toilets, mirrors, and sinks along with wiping down showers or tubs.

Home Cleaning Every Couple of Weeks
A refrigerator is an appliance that has to be cleaned every couple of weeks. Doing that removes spoiled or expired food while wiping the drawers and shelves ensures the fridge smells fresh. Regular cleaning will eliminate mold growth on old food items.

Besides spot cleaning, deep cleaning the floors every few weeks is important. Pay attention to high-traffic areas and entryways while you clean and mop the floors. Fortnightly mopping is a great way of pulling pollen, dust, and pet dander that tends to accumulate on the floor. Irregular house cleaning often allows such small particles to find their way on other surfaces.

Although you should be cleaning your bathroom every week, extra attention is needed while cleaning the tub and shower semi-monthly. Plants having wide and fiat leaves collect dust which requires cleaning once each month. Cleaning the dust will help your plants to transpire efficiently. Use a damp rag to wipe down the leaves and the plant pots.

A Couple of Times Each Year
Windows, ceiling fans, and baseboards are three important areas that have to be cleaned 2-3 times each year. Pollen, pet hair, dust, and dirt collect on these surfaces, and periodical cleaning each year will keep them at bay. Similarly, pantries, closets, and ovens require home cleaning twice or thrice every year.

Annual House Cleaning Projects
Curtains are fabrics that need annual spring cleaning. Dust accumulates on certain fabrics and yearly dry cleaning brightens them up. Coupling curtain cleaning with semi-annual window cleaning can help you get great results.

We tend to forget light fixtures which collect dust and cobwebs over time. Cleaning them at least once each year can show remarkable results and you often end up wondering the brightness it gets back. You can clean them using a long-handled duster to wipe down the fixtures. During this, you should also check and replace blown bulbs.

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