Simple And Highly Effective Tips For Bathroom Cleaning

Simple And Highly Effective Tips For Bathroom CleaningAlthough you might be living with a small family, your house needs cleaning regularly. Sanitizing your house and keeping it hygienic is important. Cleaning the bathroom daily keeps it smelling and looking fresh. Some basic but effective bathroom cleaning tips have been discussed below.

Clean the Tub, Shower, Toilet, and Sinks
These are 4 areas that benefit the most from regular cleaning. The market offers numerous products to make this easy. Spray or use each such product liberally or according to the instructions on their label. Ensure you are leaving them for the advised period and then scrubbing or wiping it away.

You may use white vinegar to keep your shower stalls sparkling clean. Also, you can wipe the tiles or glass quickly after every use if you put the solution in the squeegee. It prevents watermarks and soap scum to build up.

Good idea is to use bleach to clean the toilet and sink. In case you do not like its smell, you can use a half lemon and rub it over the toilet and sink after cleaning.

Clean Grout and Tiles Effectively
Grubby tiles or stained grout damages the look of your bathroom. You should buy a product to eliminate mold and mildew. These products when left for the recommended period penetrates the grout. Scrub it off using a stiff-bristled scrubbing brush. Doing this not only saves time but effectively cleans the grout and tiles.

Cleaning Soap Scum
Using a wet dryer sheet scrub over the shower glass in a circular motion. After scrubbing you will see a milky white foam forming over the surface. Wipe it away using water and a squeegee, microfiber cloth, or paper towels. The result will be a sparkling clean glass shower door.

Cleaning Hair
Using a vacuum cleaner pick up stray hairs on the floor and other surfaces. You can use a damp cloth or paper towels to collect the hair gathered around the sink or toilet bowl. Ensure you do this thoroughly before using cleaning solutions to clean your bathroom.

Bathroom cleaning isn’t easy and requires considerable effort. This becomes tougher if you ignore cleaning it for days. In case you require a professional cleaning agency to deep clean your bathroom and make it feel and smell great, consult Cleaning Service Clearwater. They are a reputed company in Clearwater, FL, and are equipped with the most advanced cleaning systems.

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