Bathroom Cleaning Checklist and Tips

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist and TipsOften cleaning the bathroom takes longer than cleaning any other room. But the bathroom requires special cleanliness, otherwise the presence of pathogenic microbes adversely affect the health of the family. In order to save time and effort on cleaning, we recommend using this checklist:
✅ Scrub down bath and shower
✅ Clean the sink
✅ Remove limescale
✅ Deep clean the toilet
✅ Sanitizing Toilet Brushes
✅ Clean out drains and U-bends
✅ Clean the Shower Head
✅Sanitizing Waste Bin
✅ Clear out toiletries and make-up
✅ Change towels if needed.
✅ Clean the floor with a modern mop. Pay particular attention to the place near the toilet.
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