Cleaning Assignments To Do On Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Basis

Cleaning Assignments To Do On Daily, Weekly, And Monthly BasisUnorganized or unplanned home cleaning tasks can be overwhelming at times. But scheduling your cleaning tasks and organizing them in advance will ensure you always keep your house spick and span. Let’s help you organize and schedule your cleaning tasks by preparing for them from before.

What To Include In Your Daily Home Cleaning Tasks?
To prevent sticky and tough stains develop you should wipe both bathroom and kitchen spillages immediately as they occur. Similarly, do your dishes after each meal to prevent the development of smell or bacteria. You should also be disinfecting the tubs, sinks, and toilets using a spray solution. This helps in maintaining hygiene and keep all sorts of foul smells at bay.

Piling up laundry over days can make your job a lot tougher. You may wait for a couple of days if you don’t have a full load each day. But small loads every day or two prevent a laundry pile-up. Another priority is to make the bed each morning and pick items lying on the floor or scattered over the available surfaces. This is of utmost importance if you have kids in your house.

What Tasks To Include In Weekly Home Cleaning Schedules?
It takes a few minutes to dust your furniture using a damp microfiber cloth. But it prevents dust build-up and keeps allergens at bay. Although you might change your bedding every 10th day, it’s better if you can do that each week. This will ensure bed bugs and microscopic creepy crawlies do not make their permanent home inside your bed.

Though floors need to be vacuumed as often as possible, you should do it at least once each week. Get a high-quality vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to keep your carpets, rugs, and floors free from dirt and dust.

What Home Cleaning Tasks To Do Every Month?
Kitchen deep cleaning maintains hygiene and keeps it free of germs and pests. Although it takes time to clean it from top to bottom, it’s very important. You might already be aware that periodical cleaning ensures grease and grim doesn’t develop over your kitchen cabinets and surfaces.

Refrigerators should also be cleaned both inside and out while you should sanitize the dishwasher and the trash can. Dust, debris, and dirt build up inside the air registers and make the environment unhealthy. Hence, you should vacuum vents using vacuum cleaners that come with long hose attachments.

Light fixtures should also be cleaned each month as it prevents dust and other particles from making their way inside your house. You also get the full effect of your lights if you do this each month. Also, wipe down switches to keep them hygienically clean. Additionally, clean your cleaning tools and appliances as you would use them to clean your house. Also, your appliances run to their best ability.

You might be good at organizing things and planning your timetables, but it’s important to stick to them and carry out cleaning tasks in the planned manner. Dedicating little time each day, week, and month for cleaning tasks makes your home look and feel great. You may hire the services of a cleaning company to ensure your scheduled cleaning tasks are done on time.

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