Things You Should Never Throw Down the Drain

Things You Should Never Throw Down the DrainYou should not allow these products to get inside the ground. They can pollute the environment. The drains can get clogged.
✅ Don’t pour paint down the drain
✅ Don’t put flour down the sink
✅ Fats, oil and grease
✅ Egg shells
✅ Coffee grounds
✅ Pasta and rice
✅ Fruit pits
✅ Orange and Lemon Rinds
✅ Cleaning solutions
✅ Solvents and corrosive liquids
✅ Stickers
✅ All unused/expired medicines
Some leftovers from food and cooking, thrown into the sink, can quickly clog the pipes. This not only does not allow washing dishes properly, but also gives out a very unpleasant smell. In addition, it is necessary to clean the pipes. Experts advise never to throw in the sink the remnants of food. Even if you have a garbage chopper installed in the sink, there are residues that will clog your pipes anyway.

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