How To Clean A Wooden Kitchen Furniture From Oil

How To Clean A Wooden Kitchen Furniture From OilOil in the kitchen is the component that is there constantly, in quantities greater or less, and regardless of our desire. Simply someone is cleaned up in the kitchen more often and it is precisely because oil on different surfaces is not so striking, especially if you have cleaned such a thing recently. But, if the cuisine is not periodically washed away from the oil, then very soon it will cover all its surfaces with its thick layer without any exception.

After all, it perfectly holds on all kinds of ceilings. So what to do with such cleaning is necessary, although, of course, this procedure is unpleasant, if not to say, that it is completely unpleasant. Because sometimes it happens that as if the remedy you bought is beautiful and effort has done a lot, but to remove all the oil does not work. That is what most frustrates us. Here you start to be disappointed with all the modern miracles of household chemicals, and you are looking for alternative, more “native” and, as we hope, more effective home remedies. That’s just such simple home remedies we are today and we will wash the oil in the kitchen, and more precisely in the kitchen cabinets.

How to Clean Kitchen Greasy Cabinets

It’s on the kitchen cabinets that oil accumulates, perhaps, most of all. And at the same time, it is deposited on them far not only on the surface of the top, but also on the walls, as well as on the doors, because these doors we constantly touch, very often with greasy hands, and not always only for the handles. By the way, oil stains often appear not only on the doors of the kitchen cabinets, but also on the doors of the interior. How can you remove them from such doors you can read here. With regard to kitchen cabinets, then the upper part of them can be simply enough to protect against grease. To do this, you just fill up all the kitchen cabinets with white paper or other materials. Oil will be deposited already on this paper, not on the surface of the cabinet. When you collect, you simply throw this paper and cover the cabinets with new ones. In this case, the surface of it will be clean. It’s better not to use the newspaper for it, because when the oil stays on it, it will absorb it, and all the ink from the newspaper (text, pictures, etc.) will be printed on the surface of your kitchen cabinets. Of course, there from above, these newspaper pictures on the cabin no one will see, but still, it is better not to use the newspaper.

Now let’s learn how to protect the wooden furniture in the kitchen from oil cover in other, more complex ways. They are complicated in the sense that it will be necessary to prepare a special warehouse. But, only this their “complexity” is limited, because all the components here are very simple. For example, a simple “kitchen” scrub from oil from soda and ordinary sunflower oil (diluted so – 1,5: 1). Stir the soda in the oil so as to achieve an average density, that is, something like sour cream. Next, this “kitchen” scrub can already be applied, that is, it is simply applied to the oily surface of the wooden cabinet, and slowly rub off this sticky layer of oil. When using this simple composition, soda usually almost immediately sprinkles (quite a bit), but the oil is absorbed into the tree. Thus, the surface of the cabinet, as it were, is polished. The tree is significantly transformed, it is easier to breathe from within, besides, the surface also acquires the former bright color that was in your closets when they were completely new.

As for the frequency of applying such scrub against oil, then you need to do at least 2 times a month. So you wash your kitchen cabinets from oil, and besides, protect them from over drying, because the temperature in the kitchen is often higher than in other rooms. In addition, excessive moisture after this treatment, your cabinets will also not be scary. This scrub is also suitable for other wooden surfaces, such as dishes, the same doors or frames that adorn the paintings in the house.

In addition to cleaning various wood surfaces from grease, they must also be regularly cleaned. Do it the best salt. Also for this is suitable аmmonia solution. So you will not allow the multiplication of different microorganisms on these surfaces.

If the cabinets in the kitchen you have plastic, it is best to wash them with salty water. Here, the concentration of salt is small – only a teaspoon is taken, and it breaks down a whole liter of water. The same ammonia solution can also be used here to remove such a sticky oil charge. In addition to furniture, it will help you to wash away the tile, which is also often fluttered with grease.

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