Tips to Keep Your Garage Clean

How to Keep Your Garage CleanDuring the house cleaning process, your garage needs special attention. The garage is known to be one of the messiest places in the house. As it acts as a storage room in most homes, people tend to forget that they should put stuff in organized fashion. The objects become a clutter which will spread in the garage like a deadly virus. Resultantly, you have no place to park your car. In your next spring cleaning, try to focus on your garage more. You don’t want your car tire’s getting punctured due to a nail which has decided to escape its box. The guidelines mentioned below will make your home cleaning routine easy.

Separate Your Stuff

The first thing you need to do is to take out every item in your garage. Divide them into piles of sell, keep and throw out. Before placing them in a category, you have to decide how often you use the object. If you depend on it regularly then put it in the keep pile.

If you haven’t used an item for a year, then you have to put it in other categories. If they are in good condition, you can sell it on eBay, second-hand shops or everyone’s favorite garage sale. This way you will be able to make a profit while getting rid of useless things during house cleaning. If an object has broken parts, then get rid of it as soon as possible.

Install Shelves

Installing shelves on the walls of the garage will keep everything away from the floor and make it easy for you to reach the tool you need. Make sure that the tools you use often are stored in lower shelves so they are easily reachable. Also, ensure that these shelves are installed properly and are not wobbly.

Paint the Walls and Floors

Your garage also needs some pampering. Painting walls and floors give a fresh look to your garage. The new paint will cover up the cracks and will protect the concrete from getting damaged because of moisture. Try to select a bright color for your garage as it will make it more attractive.


Before using the hose, rely on a broom. If you use water to clean the garage instead of sweeping it with a broom, some dust particles will stick to walls or floor and you won’t find it easy to get rid of them. Sweep the floor twice so you would be able to remove every debris from your garage. Focus on every nook and cranny. Furthermore, use the broom to get rid of cobwebs.

Use Water

After sweeping, splash the garage with some water. You need to remove water as soon as possible after cleaning by using a squeegee. Don’t let it stand for a long time as it will encourage the encroachment of moisture. Moisture is known for being the perfect platform for algae growth which might make your family sick.

For your annual garage cleaning, hire a professional house cleaning service. These people will know how to do the cleaning process properly. They will have the right equipment to work on every inch of your garage and will make sure that nothing gets damaged. You won’t be able to recognize your garage after they are done.

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