How to Wash Polo Shirts

How to Wash Polo ShirtsHow to wash the polo that would prevent shrinkage and color loss.

Polo Shirts are a versatile garment that must be in every closet. And you need to know how to properly care for clothes, otherwise polo will not be suitable for wearing!

The history of the Polo Shirt

The history of polo goes back to the nineteenth century and, of course, to players in polo, the main problem of which were unsuitable for this game of clothing. Traditional shirts were replaced by knitted cotton shirts with long sleeves that did not provide perfect comfort, but it was better suited to this sport. This does not mean that we consider polo as uncomfortable clothes, no. We all understand that polo shirts were made in accordance with the needs of the players.

Nevertheless, they quickly became popular among the mods of the time who considered polo a piece of clothing, obliged to take place in the wardrobe. Ideal for a relaxed meeting and formal setting, polo became an indispensable element of clothing for a man. Women also took the polo on a grand scale, because they allowed to create a slight mess in style.

Along with the absolute necessity to have a polo in the wardrobe, you need to know about how to properly care for polo. You need to know how to wash polo, dry and store them.

First wash polo shirt – look at the labels

If you are going to wash a polo shirt, be sure to read the label before you start. The first few washings are necessary to follow the recommendations from the manufacturer, indicated on the label. You might be surprised to find that polo does not require a specific washing schedule. However, to erase things like polo, better with caution.

If the shirt has complicated stains, remove them before washing directly. Use pre-treatment to help remove stains. Leave the shirt under the influence of the stain remover for the period indicated on the package. And when the time passes, gently rinse the polo shirt.

Color coordination remains a key parameter. In general, when we talk about polo shirts, color coordination during washing is obvious, but if you did not know, it will help you to keep the shirt color. Make sure that the clothes you are going to send to the washing machine are wearing the shades of colors that are closest to the color of the polo that you have planned for washing. If you miss this important step, you can rest assured that you will reproach yourself for being lazy!

Do not forget to make an effort to preserve the original color of your polo shirt. I’m sure you will not appreciate the green shade of the polo shirt that was white before washing!

Compatibility of polo material with other fabrics

When you wash polo shirts, make sure that there are no embroideries and similar items among the other garments. Polo shirts can sit down and, in the end, become rough to the touch if they wear off with coarse clothing. You must wash the polo with clothes, whose material is characterized in no other way, except as soft and tender. Assess the degree of contamination of clothing. If the clothes are very dirty, accompanying them with other clothing is not a good idea. Choose a mild detergent.

Harsh powders will make you lose the softness and comfort, which, undoubtedly, play an important role. If you prefer fast drying in a typewriter, the process should not be delayed. It is best to dry the shirt in the mode of low heat exposure for only a few minutes, after that it is necessary to get the polo from drying. This cycle will remove excess water.

Remove the shirt from the dryer immediately, because if you leave it in the dryer for a long time, folds appear on the shirt. Do not dry the floor in the dryer completely, this can lead to shrinkage of the shirt. It’s best to let the polo dry yourself in a natural environment by placing it on a flat surface.

With these guidelines, being the owner of polo shirts, you can be sure that your polo is finally in safe hands!

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