Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bedroom

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your BedroomIt’s that time of the year again when Nature refurbishes the outdoors making the outside look clean, green, and refreshed. So, springtime is the perfect occasion to give your entire home a good dusting to reinstate its oasis-type look. The bedroom is one area in your home that calls for some extra effort from your end, as far as spring cleaning is concerned.  Once you’re through with cleaning the Augean stables in the bathroom, kitchen, and the storeroom, you focus your attention on the bedroom or bedrooms.

After all, the bedroom is the place where you spend nothing less than 7-8 hours every night to relax and rejuvenate to get prepared for the next day. So, keeping the bedroom spic and span should be an essential part of any spring home cleaning project.  Following are some practical tips on cleaning the bedroom space that should help you get started.

1. Give a thorough dusting

The bedroom, like any other room in the residential space, tends to accumulate a lot of dust and grime over time. So, before you can take down the duvets, pillow covers, and bed linens for giving them a thorough cleansing, it’s recommended that you dust the ceiling, vents, shelves, bedside lamp, nooks, and crannies. Using a duster would be apt, preferably a feather duster.

2. Swipe clean all fixtures having a glass top

Special glass cleaning detergents and solutions are available that come in perfectly handy for swiping clean the dressing table mirror, cabinet mirror, glass frames of windows, and TV screen. Or else, a solution of water and vinegar works just fine. After you’re done spraying the solution, you can mop down the surfaces using a clean, dry piece of cloth or a bunch of newspapers.

3. Clean gadgets using a microfiber cloth

Moisten a dry microfiber cloth mop by spraying it with a cleaning liquid from an aerosol. Wipe down this cloth over the tabletop, TV, windowsills, baseboards, and other gadgets in your bedroom. Get hold of a furniture cleaner to mop clean all furniture items and thereafter use an eco-friendly polish to restore the gloss of the surfaces.

4. Tackle the floors next

Get down on your knees next to sweep the bedroom floor with a good-quality broom and thereafter mop the entire area using a cloth duster. Use a vacuum cleaner for clearing the dust from areas that cannot be accessed by hand. The type of cleansing solution you’ll use will obviously depend upon the type of flooring your house.

5. Rinse clean the bedding

Take down the bed sheets or linens, the pillow covers, and mattress pad and machine clean them thoroughly. Keep the temperature setting low and use a mild wash cycle. Using a homemade detergent would be ideal but you can also pick and choose from a host of eco-friendly cleaning detergents. Use a bleaching agent only if there are stains on the bedding items.

6. The mattress at last

The final tip on spring cleaning the bedroom will require you to flip the mattress that turns it upside down and dusting the same using baking soda. Following this process will keep the mattress clean and smelling good.

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