Effective Ways To Clean Grease On Your Microwave

How to Clean a MicrowaveA leftover meal can certainly create a lot of mess in a clean microwave. But, if you are going to busy with many tasks, you should never forget cleaning the electronic appliance. You actually have to take care of the grease within the oven. So, here are some tips that would make things easier and help you do the task well.

  • In order to remove the food particles, you first need to place the microwave bowl in a cup of warm water. Make sure you keep chopped lemon, orange, lime or simply pour a few teaspoons of vinegar in the appliance. As soon as you switch on the oven and slowly increase the temperature, you must wait till the solution boils for some time. Afterwards, you should let the appliance cool down for 15 minutes. Then you need to open the door, remove the bowl, and wipe the oven dry with the help of a sponge.
  • In case it’s necessary to wipe the greasy door, then clean the rubber gasket with a sponge soaked in water. If you observe grease on the window, then you can clean it with a mixture of water and vinegar. You can also wipe the microwave with a multi-purpose cleaner. If you don’t have the time to visit the market, then you can purchase a cleaner by visiting an online store. You would be able to source a cleaner at the price you can really afford.
  • When it comes to dusting the exterior, you can use always think of using the cleaner once again. Just make sure to spray the cleaning solution on the cleaner before using it. In case you don’t have a cleaner, then you can use a cloth or a sponge. At this point in time, you should avoid wiping the interiors and never think of spraying the solution on the control panel. Moreover, you should never use the cleaner for removing the dirt settling in the vent holes.
  • If you are struggling to remove stains, then you can always try a cleaning pad. As you buy the product from an online store, you would be in a better position to clean the turntable, dishwasher or a dirty sink. But, before trying out anything, you should first go through the manual and read the instructions.

Finally, you must not forget to clean the microwave frequently. According to an expert, the appliance should be cleaned regularly after two days. But, such type of task would depend on how often you use the oven. To avoid clearing the mess again, and again, you should take care that the food particles are not left behind. In case the particles get baked, then it would be quite difficult the next time you think about cleaning the microwave.

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