6 Cleaning Kitchen Tips

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKitchen is the most important part of a home and keeping it clean is of utmost importance. Unclean kitchens do not just look repulsive but are unhealthy too. Proper home cleaning service ensures cleaning a number of areas in the kitchen that include the countertop, the oven, the floor, and other areas. Cleaning the kitchen does not end here because it also takes into account the different equipments and machines present in the room. Here are six useful tips that should help in a thorough cleaning of the kitchen.

1.         Secret to cleaning the blender

The blenders need to be cleaned thoroughly during home cleaning and kitchen cleaning because there can be food particles sticking to the hinges and corners for longer. After the drink is poured into a cup or glass, the pitcher should be taken straight down into the sink. One drop of liquid soap along with little water should be taken in blender and then turned on for about twenty seconds. Following this, the jar should be rinsed with clean water.

2.         Shortcuts to cleaning microwave

There is one quick way for cleaning microwaves when doing home cleaning. A number of wet paper towels should be put inside the microwave oven. Following this it should be run high on for about three to five minutes. There is absolutely no knowledge of science needed to understand the simple fact that steam coming out of the wet towels would soften grime on the inner side of the oven. When paper towels would cool down they should be used for wiping the interior of the oven.

3.         Coffee pot cleaning tip

The coffee makers come with a jar that is fast to develop brownish tinge on the interiors due to the deposit of coffee coupled with improper cleaning. The fastest cure would require taking little ice, lemon, and some salt. This can be done amidst other tasks in home cleaning. The jug should be made quarter full with ice. The lemon should be cut in quarters and the 2 quarters should be squeezed in the jar. To this salt should be added in two tablespoons. The mixture should be swirled for about two minutes and then rinsed.

4.         Cleaning cast iron pans

The cast iron pans can be cleaned using salt. The pan should be scrubbed with paper towels and two or three tablespoons salt. Following this the jar should be rinsed. Oil film can then be replenished by coating its inner surface using a little amount of cooking oil.

5.         Cleaning coffee grinder

Uncooked white rice should be taken in small quantity through coffee grinder, if the grinder is used with other ingredients than coffee. The experts advise that the coffee grinders should not be used for grinding spices.

6.         Disinfecting garbage disposal

The waste disposal areat in the kitchen should be kept squeaky clean always for health and hygienic requirements. Keeping the waste disposal unit clean is an important part of home cleaning. A container should be filled half with water and half with vinegar. Following this some amount of ice should be ground and added to the liquid mixture with which the waste disposal should be cleaned.

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