Cleaning Your Oven after Thanksgiving So That It Dazzles

Cleaning Your Oven after Thanksgiving So That It DazzlesYou wait patiently for the entire year for the festive season to roll in that is usually heralded by Halloween followed about a month later by Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is celebrated and observed in a big way in North America, especially in USA and Canada. Surely, the festive occasion is not considered complete without feasting on a sumptuous spread. It is the post-Thanksgiving period that most individuals find harrowing.

Cleaning the microwave or the OTG is surely one big hassle that almost all housewives or chefs will agree. You step into the kitchen the morning after Thanksgiving to stare at all that oily grime and grease dripping from the oven walls onto the plates, and dread thinking about how to get rid of the muck. The chore of oven cleaning will seem less tedious if you’re in the habit of cleaning the appliance every time you use it with water and detergent. On the other hand, if you abide by some simple guidelines or tips with regards to making your oven spotlessly clean, the task will appear less challenging.

However, before you proceed with the oven cleaning process, you must take into consideration some aspects as these will impact the cleansing procedure. For instance, does your oven come with an automatic or self-cleaning functionality?  Do you have a gas or electric oven? Which are the detachable parts of the appliance?

Tidying if your oven has an auto-clean feature

In case you own a microwave that can clean itself, the cleaning technique essentially happens in two stages-You simply lock shut the door and press ‘auto-clean’ key or button; in the 2nd stage, the oven gets cleaned on its own mechanically. Following the completion of the cleansing cycle, make sure that any leftover muck or grease is cleared away by setting the appliance on a bake mode at a high-temperature range. There are so dos and don’t’s you need to follow with respect to oven cleaning.

Take out the roasting or baking pans and clear foils from the oven before you get started. Cleansing happens at elevated temperatures which could damage the pans. Also, make sure to take out the racks to prevent these from getting discolored and wipe down soil specks on the deck of the oven. Don’t stand close to the oven while it self-cleans but don’t step outside your home while it self-cleans. Pets or children should not at all be allowed to come anywhere near the appliance.

And cleaning in case the oven does not self-clean

Don’t nurse the impression that you’ll have to put in the gargantuan effort if your OTG doesn’t clean itself automatically. You’d just need an oven cleaner that is easily available as an over-the-counter product. Don’t opt for a cleaner that might be too corrosive or caustic but go for one that contains mild ingredients or chemicals. Before you sprinkle the liquid, clear away crumbs or tidbits and put on goggles, rubberized gloves, and kitchen apron during the cleaning act. Tidying the device using an oven cleaner shouldn’t be a strenuous job provided you follow the oven cleaning instructions printed on the bottle or canister.

Using ammonia for cleaning

Ammonia works just fine when it comes to oven cleaning and offers a good alternative to oven cleaning solution. What you’d need to do is fill up a bowl with two cupfuls of the element and leave a cloth mop allowing it to soak. Put on your gloves, pick up the swab, and mop all areas where muck has stuck. Let the ammonia remain for about half an hour and afterward swipe clean the oven and rinse with water.

Cleaning with baking soda and vinegar

Create a solution of baking soda by mixing a few spoonfuls with water and apply the paste throughout the oven. After about 12-13 hours, wipe cleans with a moist or damp cloth. The vinegar is for sponging on areas where the sodium bicarbonate doesn’t get unstuck.

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