House Cleaning Checklist to Make Tasks Easier

Home Cleaning by Cleaning Service ClearwaterAlthough everybody is well aware of the term ‘spring cleaning’ but autumn seems to be the ideal time for ‘fall cleaning’. As the warmer season changes to colder seasons there are a lot of things that need to be prepared for the upcoming winter season. With the approach of the holiday season this is the best to prepare the home so that no difficulty is faced during the busy holiday season. The home cleaning check list is a good way to start with the preparations as it helps to repeat the cleaning tasks in the same order. By maintaining a checklist it is possible to really speed up the things and make sure that unnecessary wastage of time is avoided. As people tend to spend more time indoors during the winter seasons, it is better to ensure that the house is clean and well organized before the start of the winter season.

The home cleaning process should also include outside the house chores so that nothing is left outside to get ruined by the cold winter season. First of the umbrella’s, children’s summer toys and patio furniture should be cleaned and stored inside properly. A wire brush can be used to remove the flaking paint and the caulk around doors as well as windows should be thoroughly checked. The garage and external doors need to inspected for gaps and if required weather-stripping should be installed. It is extremely important to free the sprinkler systems of water especially in the hard freeze areas. Heating cables can be installed in cold weather areas to prevent ice dams and chimneys should be appropriately cleaned and checked. If required exterior spigots can be covered with insulating material and exterior windows should be properly cleaned.

Inside the house, the home cleaning includes several things and it is always better to have a room-by-room approach. The focus should be on public rooms like entryway, family room, living room and guest bath. The drapes, window treatments, baseboards and corners should be vacuumed properly so that dirt and germs are taken care of in the best possible manner. If required every upholstered item in the house should be cleaned by hiring professionals who are experts in this field. Bedding items like pillows, mattress pads, comforters, blankets, duvets, and pillows should be cleaned or laundered. Cleaning the kitchen is considered to be an important part of home cleaning check list and should be thoroughly cleaned especially the pans, equipments and baking supplies before the holiday season.

Apart from all these chores the scheduling of the furnace inspection is considered to be a vital part of home cleaning. The washer hoses should be carefully examined for splits, cracks or bulges. The areas of the home that are used the most should be re-organized as well as the storage so that it becomes easy to locate important things. The furnace filters should be purchased and changed on a monthly basis as it ensures maximum energy savings.

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