5 Methods Of Disinfecting Your Home

5 Methods Of Disinfecting Your HomeYour health matters to us and that’s why we take our job seriously. When you hire Cleaning Service Clearwater Company, you can expect a thorough cleaning job from top to bottom!Use our handy guide to disinfect every room of your house:

1. Chemicals. Daily wet cleaning of all horizontal surfaces not only eliminates the pathogenic bacteria, but also makes the air in the house more breathable.

2. Essential oils. You can disinfect the house with the help of oils poured into special lamps. Essential oils scattered in the air reliably get rid of viruses and bacteria.

3. Ultraviolet lamp. Ultraviolet disinfection has long been known in medical institutions. Disinfection is carried out in an empty room.

4. Salt lamp. Destroy most viruses and bacteria.

5. Humidifier. This useful device not only increases the humidity of the air, but also contributes to its purification from pathogens.

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