3 Tips To Quickly Clean Your House In No Time

3 Tips To Quickly Clean Your House In No TimeLet’s face it, nobody likes cleaning their homes. Yes, it must be done periodically, but come on, we all have better things to do each time some cleaning is on the to-do list…

But what if we told you that as long as you follow some home cleaning tips, you can finish everything easy quicker and you’ll have more time to enjoy other activities?

Sounds good, we know, so let’s see which are the secrets of fast cleaning, shall we?

Pick up all the clutter one day before

Over time, we’ve discovered that one of the main obstacles of cleaning rapidly is all that amount of time you spend picking up clutter. And we also bet that you agree with this! But there’s a very efficient thing you can do to solve this issue…

For example, if you’re planning to do some house cleaning on Saturday, make sure to take a few minutes on Friday night to…prepare the ground. Pick up all the clutter, throw what’s not needed away, and put the remaining items back at their initial place. This entire operation won’t take you more than half an hour!

We know, it sounds very simple, but you will be amazed at how much faster cleaning will go after this.

Use a timer

A lot of people, yours truly included, can be easily distracted when cleaning. And this is clearly not efficient, especially if you want to get things done faster. But there’s a catch: a timer can do magic!

It goes like this: to avoid estimating how long you will need to clean one specific room, set a timer. Then, you guessed it, your ‘mission’ is to beat it. It can sound a bit childish, sure, but you’ll see that this strategy will keep you moving and avoid doing other cleaning-unrelated tasks.

An additional tip you can keep in mind is to record a time-lapse video of yourself while cleaning. It will be ridiculously fun to watch right after finishing, not to mention that watching a messy room transforming into a neat place in a few seconds can be pretty fascinating!

Simply avoid big messes

This one can sound a bit weird but, honestly speaking, the best way to spend less time on home cleaning is to do your best and avoid having a lot of mess at your place.

Try doing the dishes every day, ask your kids to clean up their toys and put them at their place every day, before going to bed and just make sure that you just don’t leave stuff wherever you want that often.

At first, it will look like small details like these can’t make a difference. But trust us, being a bit careful with all your stuff and avoiding leaving them all over the house can significantly reduce the total amount of time you spend on home cleaning every week.

So, what do you think? Can you use these three tips from now on and save a lot of time when tidying around? It won’t be that difficult, trust us.

On the other hand, we do know that a lot of you just don’t have the time to clean their place at all, due to busy schedules or other issues. So why not let us do it instead?

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