Cleaning A House Suffering From Child Allergies

Cleaning A House Suffering From Child AllergiesRegular housekeeping is capable of getting rid of several triggers to allergies and relieve the symptom especially in case of children. It is a good idea to learn some house cleaning tips. There are some common mistakes you can avoid such as shampooing carpets or making use of heavily scented cleaners. This can result in the children’s allergies get worse. Let’s check some tips for keeping a clean house and the allergies under control.

1. Use vacuum cleaner twice weekly: Ensure that the vacuum cleaner comes with HEPA filter. Many bacteria causing the allergies are so tiny that they can pass through the ordinary vacuum cleaner filter. It means that each time you are using the vacuum cleaner you might be sucking the bacteria off the floor and shooting them off in the room air. As a result, you will be making them available to be breathed into your body. Sometimes the children are allergic to pollen or dander. You will need to use the vacuum cleaner more in this case.

2. Bleach away the mold: In case someone in the home is allergic to the mold take good care of the bad odor in larger segments of the house. A flooded basement can cause issues and a bit of mold in the shower corner can also be troublesome. There is an easy fix to these issues. You can use bleach which will destroy the various allergens on the mold. After removing the collection of mold you have to keep it from arriving back by using dehumidifiers that pull moisture out of the air. You can also use a hygrometer for the purpose. The hygrometers are available for as little as $10.

3. Kill the dust mites: Remember it is not the dust that you have allergy for. Dust just contains dead skin cells and dirt. The problem lies in the presence of tiny creatures called dust mites in the dust. They tend to be present in areas such as beds, pillows, carpets, and upholstered furniture. These dust mites burrow deep inside mattresses, pillows, and carpets. In most cases, they go in so far that it is impossible to get them out using a vacuum cleaner. You should use tiles, wood, or vinyl for flooring. There is another simple solution to the problem and that is the use of a mite-proof encasement on the pillows, mattresses, and carpets which will trap those mites inside. It is also important to wash all the linen every couple of weeks. Water kills the dust mites and the temperature of the water doesn’t matter so set the machine to warm, hot, or cold and you will be fine.

4. Cleaning the air: In case you or your children are allergic to pollen you will have to keep the windows closed during the season of pollen although the weather otherwise is great. Else children may start sneezing after waking up. Pollen has the habit of being sneaky and it slips through to clothes and shoes. Change the clothes before going to sleep. Use shower and shampoo every night to rinse the pollen away from hair and skin. Get a HEPA filter for removing pollen from the air. When you have a central system the HEPA filter is fitted to the air/heating unit. This filter will also help if you are allergic to pets.

These are some of the things you need to do for keeping the allergies away from children. You can also use the services of professionals for this purpose. If you do not have the time to perform the cleaning yourself contact Cleaning Service Clearwater for houses in the Clearwater, FL area. Keep in mind that pros are aware of secrets to cleaning so they can ensure the wellbeing of you and the family members.

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