Why Is Household Dust Dangerous for Your Health?

Health effects of dustPerhaps the most unpleasant “surprise” that dust can bring is the dust mites that reproduce and grow in it. Favorite places of their habitation are towels, soft toys, beds, furniture, carpets and, terribly, the heads of tenants of apartments and houses. It is on the latter that they slope to build their own dwellings. After all, there is enough heat, and moisture, and food (because ticks feed on scales of human skin).

If you consider only one gram of dust under a microscope, you can see a huge mass of dust mites. According to experts, there are up to 2,500 of them. On the head of a person there are up to 10 thousand.

The greatest harm to health is brought not by the dust mites themselves, but by the decomposing remains of these organisms and the products of their vital activity. If you get into the nasal passages, they provoke allergies, colds, eczema, asthma attacks, acne, chronic rhinitis.

And our body, with reserves of the immune system, squanders up to 80% of them to neutralize harmful elements of dust. This weakens the immune system.

It is worth noting that up to 30% of respiratory diseases, as well as up to 8% of premature deaths are triggered by the dust of the premises. This is the data of the World Health Organization.

Methods of fighting dust

To get rid of dust and maintain health, it is necessary to regularly conduct special cleaning procedures. Read our tips.

  • Disassemble the old things. First, you need to disassemble old books, soft toys and other things. Dense window curtains are better to clean at all. Instead, it is better to hang curtains or blinds. Keep the fur products in the cases.
  • Check the laundry. Ticks like to live in mattresses and feather beds. And the manufacturers of these products produce them from nonwoven fabric and polyester. It is better to change them to hypoallergenic.
  • Often ventilate the room. Raising the temperature to 40 degrees means death to all mites. Therefore, weekly washing of clothes and curtains will substantially correct the situation. They are also afraid of direct sunlight. Ultraviolet kills these animals, and besides decomposes for a couple of hours contained allergens. Therefore, take out mattresses and pillows in the sun.
  • Regularly spend wet cleaning. Weekly cleaning, and wet, will also significantly improve the situation. The vacuum cleaner, to which we are all accustomed, is, of course, good, but its filters are not capable of detaining the smallest dust that gets back into the air. Therefore, the solution can be a washing unit or a wet cleaning after working with a vacuum cleaner. Wet general cleaning will not allow you to accumulate a lot of dust in hard-to-reach places and furniture.
  • Remove the carpets from the walls and floor. They can not be shaken out. Minimum – it is necessary to regularly wash them with 10% solution of table salt or special formulations from ticks.
  • Maintain the humidity of the air. Normal humidity in the room delays the settling of dust. Increase it can be a special device, spraying water or a wet towel on the battery.
  • Moisten the mosquito net. To prevent the penetration of dust into the dwelling, moisten the mosquito net or pull wet pouches on the vents, which will hold up most of the incoming dust.
  • Nourish and moisturize the skin. Watch your skin and do not let it dry, because it’s food for ticks.
  • “Wash” plants. Wipe the sheets of indoor plants with a damp cloth.

As you can see, getting rid of dust in the house is very easy. The main thing is to find time for cleaning and, of course, motivation. Let the motivation for you is the safety of your health.

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