Best Ways to Kill Kitchen Germs & Clean Surfaces

Ways to Kill Kitchen Germs & Clean SurfacesThe kitchen is a place in the house where the most germs are. Perhaps it seems unlikely, but it is in the kitchen that bacteria feel perfectly, much better than in the bathroom. There are many ways to declare war on germs.

Let’s start with the sink. It should be washed frequently, but this is not enough, it should be wiped dry. In order to get rid of germs even more effectively it is good to fill the sink once a week with water and diluted with a cleaning fluid that contains substances killing germs. This mixture should be left for 10-15 minutes and then rinsed. We must also remember not to leave dirty dishes in the sink and systematically clean the grates.

When washing dishes, we usually use dishcloths, and they are also habitats with bacteria. After each use, you have to squeeze them out of the water, then wash them, it is also recommended to put the dishwasher in the microwave for 30 seconds, because at very high temperatures the bacteria simply die. However, the best method is simply to change the sponges frequently and you also need to know that you should not wipe the tops to prevent the bacteria from spreading. The same rules apply to cloths – they must be dried and washed at high temperature.

Another place where germs can be lurking is a fridge, which is why hygiene is also very important here. Wash the fridge at least twice a month. You can use warm water and soap and add baking soda. Wipe the walls of the refrigerator thoroughly, then rinse and dry with a soft cloth. You can not omit any nooks and crannies.

Let’s also remember about washing fruit and vegetables before putting them in the fridge. Thanks to this, toxic substances in the kitchen can be avoided. Food in the refrigerator must be kept in separate and closed containers. Meat is the most dangerous. If we bring home the meat that is infected and put it in the fridge, we can almost be sure that the bacteria will spread. Therefore, it is important not to store raw meat next to ready-to-eat processed foods, such as cold cuts or dairy products. Microbes from meat get into other products and these become very dangerous for us.

The most food poisoning is caused by salmonella. Therefore, wash your hands after touching the stain. This is important in the case of eggs, which must be washed, but only in warm water – never in the cold. An egg put into water with a temperature lower than itself is more dangerous than it is not washed at all. Under the influence of water pressure, bacteria penetrate deep into the egg.

Remember that my hands should be washed thoroughly before we start preparing meals. Soap should always be next to the dishwashing liquid. This will remind you and other household members about the need to wash their hands before and after each activity.

Another territory that the bacteria treat as property is a garbage bin from which an unpleasant odor is extracted and is the place in the home from which bacteria can easily transfer to our hands. Large colonies of mold and yeast releasing allergens into the air grow fast on food debris. It is necessary to empty the trash can every day and wipe it with a cloth soaked in chlorine disinfectant.

Let’s remember about hygiene in every corner of the kitchen, even what is seemingly clean can be dangerous to our health!

Picture Credit: Ravindra Patidar

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