Keeping Your House Clean, Even If You Have Pets

Keeping Your House Clean, Even If You Have PetsAnimals are often treated like family members. As for every other household member, you do not have to take care of them. We must remember about certain duties and principles of maintaining cleanliness, important for health and hygiene, both ours and our pets.

How to clean the fur
We will not avoid the problem of falling hair in dogs and cats, but thanks to systematic actions, we can minimize it. First and foremost, you should comb the fur of animals thoroughly and often, reaching for special gadgets. Small flocks floating in the air, however, will still settle on all surfaces. How to deal with it?

In the case of rugs, sofas and other furniture covered with cloth, a simple clothes brush is enough to remove the fur. We can also reach for special rolls with a self-adhesive surface that will collect all impurities. When cleaning the sofas, rubber or latex gloves are also great – just put on, moisten with water and drag your hands over the fabric. Worse, when the fur falls into the gaps and cavities of the furniture. In such a situation, a hand-held vacuum cleaner or a special tip for a regular vacuum cleaner will be useful, which will allow reaching for narrow and hard to reach places.

The coat on the floor is much easier to remove with a turbo-vacuum cleaner. It is very important that our home equipment is equipped with a high quality filter that stops most of the contaminants, such as mites, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and even viruses. If we have rugs in the house, we can remove the fur from them, sprinkling them before vacuuming with baking soda. In addition, to avoid clogging the vacuum cleaner, larger lint can be collected in similar ways as those from furniture.

Animal lairs deserve special attention – in them also dangerous microorganisms develop, so we should regularly whisk them and machine them. With this in mind, it is best to choose lairs with a removable cover or made entirely of materials that you can throw into the laundry without worrying about distortion.

Problems after a walk
Often our pet returns from a walk with sand and mud on its hind legs. Therefore, some rituals should be introduced and the animal should be acclimated to them from the beginning. At the door, it is worth placing a bowl with water and a cloth that will wipe the dog’s paws after returning. If the animal is all dirty, it is better to immediately rinse it with water in the bathtub. However, when we got wet during the walk, it is enough to wipe the fur with a microfiber towel that quickly absorbs moisture.

During the meal
Animals can spill water or scatter food from the bowl, so we should organize a feeding place on a surface that can be easily cleaned. It is worth buying a pad for animal dishes. Let’s also remember about the hygiene of the bowls – you have to wash them every day. Microbes that grow in them can go to the animal and then get into our body. Bowls are safest to clean using dishwashing liquid. It’s best to go to the bathroom with them instead of to the kitchen sink. We prepare meals in this room, so you should limit the risk of any pathogens getting into the food.

Smaller animals
Smaller pets are also problematic in terms of keeping clean. Rodents, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, and birds kept in a cage, can make a mess, sprinkling food and litter out of the cage. In this case, plastic pads that can be easily washed will also work great.

Remember to regularly clean the cages of animals, which will reduce unpleasant odors and multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms. To increase efficiency, you can obtain a special liquid for cleaning and disinfecting cages. Of course, from time to time, you should also thoroughly clean all accessories, such as bowls and troughs.

Cat matter
A tray is basic equipment if a cat lives with us. Putting her close to the toilet, we will always have the ability to quickly remove impurities. The choice of gravel should also be thought out – classic sand sticks to the cat’s paws and is spread throughout the apartment. An alternative is the silicone and wooden gravel, which allow you to maintain greater purity. A pad with a rough texture may also be useful, which will prevent the spreading of possible impurities.

Remember that caring for the order in the house where there are animals, we care for the health of all household members, including those four-legged.

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