Apartment Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Clean-House Tips for Pet OwnersIt is difficult to keep the apartment clean with pets. But this is possible: animals and cleanliness are not mutually exclusive concepts. With just a little extra work and regular cleaning, you can keep the house clean.

Here’s how to keep the apartment clean with pets

Care. A clean house starts with clean pets. Just as we take care of ourselves, we need to take care of pets, including teeth, wool and nails. Depending on the breed of the dog, for example, you have to take care of the pet once a month, while other breeds require care even less. Cats, on the other hand, take care of themselves, but you must give them a helping hand.

Cleaning your pet several times a week will help protect the apartment from wool that covers the floors, flies in the air and stays on you. Believe me, you will see a noticeable difference, besides, animals often very much like this procedure. Some veterinarians also believe that combing out cats can reduce health problems and prevent lumps of wool. In general, regular care for the pet will ensure cleanliness in the house.

Vacuum cleaner. If the house does not have a hypoallergenic pet, you’ll have to work. That’s why it is important to vacuum regularly, so that the hair and dandruff from the animal do not accumulate in the pile. This is undoubtedly the most difficult task in the whole cycle of caring for the house and the pet. We recommend the use of vertical vacuum cleaners paired with manual, for cleaning the upholstery. They will also help to get into the corners and other hard-to-reach places. Do not forget to look behind the couch where the coat can stay. Attention also deserve curtains, blinds, mats, etc. Attention: Your pet may not like the vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum / wash pet toys regularlyVacuum / wash pet toys regularly. This is exactly what many people forget. If you have children, it’s likely that you constantly disinfect and wash toys, do not you? Why not do the same with pet toys? They probably drag them around the house, under beds and sofas, so toys become carriers of wool and bacteria. You should wash and clean them regularly, which will make the house cleaner, and the pet healthy.

Sleeping area. Do not forget to vacuum and / or wash the place to sleep your pet. We have already discussed that the beds should be washed at least once every two weeks. Perhaps the pet is sleeping on your bed, along with you, which gives rise to even more reasons to wash the bedding. If the pet has his own cage, booth or cot, you must keep his bed as clean as his own. Their cribs can also suffer from dust mites. This is especially important if the pet walks into the street, as he can bring friends home and sleep with them, and a while later, you will sleep with them.

Wash the floors. Sometimes a vacuum cleaner just does not do its job. You should wash parquet floors and tiles. Everyone uses different means, but we would recommend taking something specialized for your floor covering. You can often see all the dirt and hair that remains after the vacuum cleaner.

Wipe all surfaces. Do not allow your cats to walk on the kitchen table or countertops. Let’s be honest, the pet hair and our hair can be everywhere. Wipe these surfaces with chlorine bleach to ensure they are clean before preparing food. Other places where cat hair is common include window sills, bathrooms, toilet bowls and others.

Ventilate. Open the windows at the time of cleaning to get some fresh air, as the house can be very stuffy, air fresheners and candles can only disguise smells, but do not remove them. Be sure to check the air filters of the exhaust fans, cooling and heating systems. Wool can accumulate on filters, which makes the system less efficient and energy-efficient. The more pets in the house, the more often you have to maintain the ventilation system.

Have a clean house and pets at the same time, but this will take time and effort. Who has the time to do all this in a busy schedule? Do one of our list every day, this will help. We love our pets and can not live without them, but we can get rid of unnecessary complications. This list will help you in finding the shortest path to a healthy home.

Picture Credit: AmandaCullingford, Ebowalker

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