Cleaning a Mattress and Mattress Care

How to Clean Your MattressThe mattress is designed to sleep, any other actions can lead to the fact that it is deformed. So it’s worth turning it around every week.

Do you care about the mattress? Sometimes we absolutely do not appreciate this element of our life, and after all we spend on the mattress, on average, from 7 to 9 hours every day.

Its hardness, hygiene and good condition are not just fundamental to the quality of our recreation. The mattress is also responsible for the health of our back and even affects the appearance of allergies.

We can not forget that, for example, a mattress creates “fabulous” conditions for the life of dust mites. In this regard, it is necessary to comply with a number of principles to minimize their presence to a minimum, and also to ensure the purity of the mattress.

1.Good ventilation

We are sure that you have heard or read that “it is bad for your health to make the bed in the morning.” We need to clarify this phrase in order to avoid unnecessary sensationalism.

Dust mites love a warm, humid environment. If you make the bed immediately after you get up, this will only create an environment favorable for reproduction of dust mites.

It is advisable to wait 1 to 2 hours before bedding.

Ideally, remove the sheets, bedspread and open the windows to ventilate the mattress.

It is important that fresh air enters the room. Thus, we will air the mattress, and the dust mites will die.

But remember: after the dust mite has died, its exoskeleton remains in the mattress (and continues to cause the same allergic reactions).

Therefore, it is necessary to apply another strategy in practice.

2. We disinfect the mattress with the help of baking soda

Now we know that every day, it is advisable to ventilate the bed for several hours before covering it with a veil.

The second stage of maintaining proper hygiene of our mattress is carried out once a month. In order to do this, remember our simple recipe.

What will you need?

  1. vacuum cleaner
  2. ½ cup baking soda (100 g)
  3. 5 drops of essential oil of tea tree

What do we have to do

  1. This simple tool gives an amazing result. Remove all linens and place your mattress at the window, under the slope.
  2. Mix in a cup of soda with tea tree oil. Then we sprinkle the mattress with this mixture.
  3. Leave the mattress ventilated for two hours and vacuum excess soda.
  4. Do not forget to carry out this procedure on both sides of the mattress. It will leave a very pleasant smell.

Cleaning the mattress with a vacuum cleaner is an important aspect of caring for the mattress.

3. Turn the mattress over regularly

Of course, you know about that, but it’s never too much to remind once again of this simple thing to ensure that the mattress will not be deformed.

  • Each week you must turn the mattress
  • Remember also that it is worth changing the side of the head and legs

It should be noted that the bed is not designed to sit. Sometimes, we spend many hours with a computer or a book in this position.

Because of these habits, the mattress can also be severely deformed.

4. Protective mattress cover

All mattresses are already supplied in fabric upholstery. Nevertheless, in order to provide not only the best rest, but also to prevent contamination of the fabric, it is desirable to purchase a special protective cover.

  • It will serve as a barrier between the mattress and other substances, such as, for example, our sweat.
  • In addition, this cover is easy to wash in the washing machine, while the mattress itself will have to be given to the dry cleaning.
  • A good cover should be made of breathable, waterproof and easily washable fabric. Cotton, for example, is ideal for this.

In conclusion, we want to note that most of these simple tips are known to almost everyone. It’s important just to follow them to keep our mattress in perfect condition. After all, it is important to have a good rest and wake up in the morning full of energy. If you suffer from allergies, you will also feel relieved.

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