Basic Tips on Shower Cleaning

Basic Tips on Shower CleaningMany people develop cold feet and are filled with dread at the very thought of bathroom cleaning, especially the shower, and for good reasons. For a start, the conduit leading to the shower head is highly prone to getting grimy and murky owing to the soap bubbles and scum that accumulates on a daily basis. Secondly, the shower drain pipe can become choked or clogged from the scum deposits of hair conditioners, shampoos, and bath soaps, and drain cleaner ruts eating into the internal structure of the bathroom plumbing.

Hairs from your body or pets that keep escaping inside the shower drain pipe can build up over time and eventually end up obstructing the passage. Also, the bathroom is one area in your home that tends to stay moister compared to other spaces which can again contribute to the shower getting filthy sooner than you’d want it to. Any home cleaning project should invariably involve a thorough cleansing of the bath which in turn would entail restoring the shower to its pristine state.

1. Start with the shower doors or curtains

Shower doors or curtains that function as a screen shielding the rest of the bathroom from splashes of water tend to remain extremely wet for a long period of time. Over time, the mineral deposits left behind by hard water accumulate on the surface, giving the door a blotchy appearance. You can start the bathroom cleaning process by tackling the stains from hard water by preparing a DIY scum removing the solution.

Add ¼ cup vinegar to a ¾ cup of water, blend the mixture thoroughly in an oven safe bowl, and heat the solution for about a minute before pouring the same into an aerosol. Spray the mixture on the door and wipe down using a dry microfiber or cotton cloth. Make it a habit of mopping the shower door the next time and every time you step out of the shower

2. The showerhead next

You probably do not bother about keeping the showerhead spic and span but you cannot you wish away its contribution in cleaning you up. Soap foam, hairs, and other effluents or runoffs can pass through the microscopic pores on the showerhead and eventually clog the shower drain pipe. For dealing with a muddled shower head, mix equal parts of water and white vinegar in a container, transfer the content to a plastic pouch, and strap it around the showerhead with an elastic band or rubber band.

This bathroom cleaning trick will work wonders all through the day taking away the mineral deposits.

3. Unblocking the shower drain pipe

Prevention they say is always better than cure, and the adage applies when it comes to bathroom cleaning. In order to avoid and minimize the possibility of a congested the drain pipe, attach a shower hair catcher onto the shower head. Also cleanse the bathtub stopper at least once in a week.

For cleaning a wash tub/shower combo, hard water stain and soap scum cleaners come perfectly handy. Wipe down shower heads and doors and bathtubs using a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. For cleansing, a walled or sectional shower, including the doors and walls usually of glass, use the same cleaners and microfiber cloth rags.

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