Six Good Reasons For Visiting Clearwater, Florida

Six Good Reasons For Visiting Clearwater, FloridaEveryone wants to live in Florida. People who retire or are wealthy, find the ‘Sunshine State’ very much to their liking. There are several reasons why that range from warm temps to fresh seafood. If you want to visit or move to an area of amazing sites and attractions, then Clearwater, Florida would be a smart destination.
Clearwater is located on the western side of Florida, right smack dab next to the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, it’s generally sunny year round in Clearwater and there are tons of exciting sites to see than one could imagine. Let’s take a look at six amazing must-see sites in Clearwater, Fl.
1- Clearwater Beach. Of course going to Florida means you’ll want to try out the hundreds of miles of beaches. In Clearwater, the Clearwater Beach is the place to go. There’s lots of space, even on busy days. The Gulf of Mexico is right there for you to enjoy and explore. There are vendors nearby, attendants to keep the beach clean. Many places to relax and enjoy the sunshine. A definite visit for the family. It’s just the right example of what makes Clearwater such a favorite vacation spot.
2- Pier 60. Pier 60 is a very popular spot as well as a landmark of sorts. It’s big, around 1,080 feet. The main structures house all sorts of activities and products. You can actually fish day and night off the end of the pier. Not only that, but you can buy all the equipment you need at their bait house. The views from the pier are astonishing and it comes with telescopes and a varied number of spots from which to gaze out around the Clearwater landscape. It’s so big that it also has its own park. The pier is easy to access and is just a stone’s throw from the Clearwater Beach. Hitting both spots is like going to a theme park. You’ll enjoy and remember Pier 60 for the rest of your life.
3- The Beach Walk. While strolling along Cleawater’s fabled Beach Walk, one can sight see and exercise at the same time. The Beach Walk allows for people to just walk along its long stretch and access all the fun spots on the beach shore. There are restaurants, coffee shops, apparel, and more. It’s just what the doctor ordered for those romantic walks or daily strolls in the sunshine. There’s something for everyone along the Beach Walk. You might find yourself spending more time on the walk than on the beach.
4- The Ruth Eckerd Hall. Not only can you vacation in Clearwater, Florida soaking up the sunshine, but you can get your culture on too. One of the premier sites in Clearwater is the Ruth Eckerd Hall. It’s all top-notch in great theater. You’ve got orchestras, Broadway places and musicals, kid’s theater and performances. There are more venues and the hall can hold around 2,000 people. The Ruth Eckerd Hall is renown for superior performing arts venues and is the envy of theaters around the world.
5- The Starlite Majesty Cruise Ship. If you get tired of looking at the Gulf of Mexico from the beach, you can take the whole family aboard the StarLite Majesty cruise ship. It’s a big thing with excellent cuisine aboard. There’s a double deck with really spacious windows allowing for a brilliant view of the Gulf and Clearwater itself. You’ll get that gentle sea breeze as you either soak up sun on the deck or just let the breeze hit you near the windows. It’s a fun and safe venue for anyone visiting the Clearwater, Florida area.
6- Clearwater Beach Marina. If you’ve got your sea legs set, you might want to check out the Clearwater Beach Marina. You can actually rent a boat and go sailing. This is perfect for the mariner in you. With this attraction you can explore the Gulf and look for anything from great fishing to buried treasure.

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