House Cleaning Before Getting Back To School

Back to School Cleaning TipsAs the school year approaches, it’s not just shopping for supplies that are necessary but also tidying up the house for the return to routine. It doesn’t matter how your children are training viz through Zoom, homeschooling, or in person; you need to consider how you are going to make the transition of your home for this new school year. If there is a lot of coming and going happening in your house, there will be several things to clean up, such as kitchens, pantries, and closets. Let’s look at some house cleaning expert tips for ways of getting these spaces back sparkling.

1. Decluttering and organizing: In the beginning, it is recommended that you perform decluttering and organizing for the areas you are planning to clean initially. After this, you can do the deep cleaning. This will include cleaning floor mats, interior windows, tubs, showers, comforters, and throw pillows. Deep cleaning can be done once every month; cleaning other things such as stovetops, sinks, bathroom mirrors, and trash cans can be done every week. Other things, such as floors, toilets, microwaves, rugs, and hand towels, can be cleaned biweekly.

2. Organizing the mudroom: The last space in the house when you are leaving is the mudroom. It is also the first place when you are coming in. You need to assess where this zone should be placed and clean it. Ensure that all things, such as shoes, coats, keys, and backpacks, are in place. Having a shoe shelf and some strategically placed hooks will help in keeping the decluttering away. Keep in mind that everything must have a place to store it.

3. Cleaning the kitchen for the busy mornings: Prepare your pantry and kitchen for early breakfasts and fast lunch packing. Mop the floors and scrub the countertops by using distilled white vinegar with warm water. Next, you can go through the fridge and toss out the things that are past their expiry. While putting back all the necessary food, you need to make sure that essential food items are stocked. Prepare the snacks and lunch area and check all the filters. You can reset everything at night and first thing in the morning.

4. Clean the dirty clothes: Having organized and clean clothes will ensure that your mornings are less hectic. Also, ensure that all the clothes fit. Children grow very quickly when they are young. Place the clothes in areas where kids cannot reach them. Have a space for dirty clothes.

Remember to clean the areas that you will be touching while cleaning your house. Significantly, you clean all the areas that are touched by everybody in your house once a week. Some of these areas include faucet handles, remote controls, light switches, and door knobs. You can use a cloth or microfiber cloth for this purpose, together with a vinegar solution. If you would rather use the services of pros and you live in Clearwater, FL area, get in touch with Cleaning Service Clearwater Company for expert work.

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